What’s Up Wednesday? March 20th

ParentheticalGirlsHappy Hump Day fellow music lovers! With all these awesome shows going on tonight, you may have to split your time between two, or three! From Rap to Pop to Hardcore Rock or Americana, you’re sure to find a band you’ll love playing tonight!

Parenthetical Girls @ The Earl
Unconventional is probably the most succinct way of putting it. Obsessive, eccentric, indulgent: they’re all equally fair. If Parenthetical Girls have learned anything over the course of their bewilderingly unorthodox discography, it’s that they are—for richer or for poorer—a necessarily singular pop group. It’s a peculiarity that they’ve learned to embrace—a single-minded conviction that pours itself over every corner of their latest album, Privilege. Privilege retains the group’s signature ambitions—visceral intimacy, camp austerity, lurid eloquence—while confidently embracing the perfect pop pastiche their previous records only alluded to. Privilege is a cascade of grim particulars and gallows humor—an unflinching treatise on privilege, indiscretion, betrayal, sex and class politics, failure, and resignation.

Dessa @ Vinyl
Dessa’s first full-length record, A Badly Broken Code, introduced her to a national audience as a rapper, a singer, and a potent, imaginative lyricist. Castor, The Twin, Dessa’s most recentely released album, captures these new arrangements for ten of Dessa’s strongest previously released songs. The album is immediately identifiable as an intimate recording of live players, with fingers sliding on frets and raw, expressive vocals. The organic instrumentation pushes Dessa’s lyrics forward, showcasing the imagery and narratives that define her as a songwriter and an emcee.

ROCK COMEDY presented by Rodney Perry @ Hard Rock Cafe’s Velvet Underground
Rising star Rodney Perry hosts #ROCKCOMEDY! The best of Atlanta’s local comedians performing live on our Velvet Underground stage. Red Carpet begins at 8:30pm.

Sam Lewis and Striking Matches @ Eddie’s Attic
Five years of constant writing, performing and touring have become the nexus of Sam Lewis’ self-titled debut. Along with co-producer Matt Urmy, Sam has woven ten songs into a conversation, between himself, the band, and his listeners. Following an appearance on Nashville’s Music City Roots, Craig Havighurst noted, “Beyond the honeyed voice and sparking band, Sam stood out for his songs, which had that been-here-forever quality. It’s no wonder this guy’s generating buzz… He sings a little like Van Morrison, making it Americana with a groovy twist.”

Simply stated, Striking Matches, made up of Sarah Zimmermann and Justin Davis, came to Nashville to play music. The two have been playing together ever since meeting in class at Belmont University. Their influences range from Jerry Reed to the Beatles, John Mayer to Patsy Cline, and back again. Sarah and Justin put out their first self-titled EP in October 2012, and their song “When the Right One Comes Along” (co-written with Georgia Middleman) was featured on ABC’s new drama “Nashville”. Since then, the duo has performed across the country opening for acts like Kip Moore and John Hiatt, as well as Nashville’s New Year’s Even Bash On Broadway with the Fray, and the Grand Ole Opry.

Sinkane @ 529
Ahmed Gallab aka Sinkane (who has worked with Yeasayer, of Montreal, Caribou, and others) has been playing around NYC for some time. Just last month he did a residency at Zebulon in Brooklyn and played the Afropunk Festival, in addition to opening local shows for Ava Luna and The Very Best. Sinkane’s music is described as “feel good” music.

Spirit Family Reunion @ Smith’s Olde Bar
Spirit Family Reunion play homegrown American music to stomp, clap, shake and holler with. Ever since they started singing together on the street corners, farmer’s markets and subway stations of New York City, their songs have rung-out in a pure and timeless way. When Spirit Family Reunion gather to sing, there is communion. Strangers and neighbors come to rejoice in the sound, and there is no divide between performer and spectator.

A Day to Remember @ The Tabernacle
Hailing from Ocala, Florida, A Day to Remember is one of the hardest working bands in the business. They have sold nearly 900,000 albums since forming in 2003. While topping the Billboard charts, they have also sold out entire continental tours all over the world. The band’s latest album What Separates Me From You, on Victory Records debuted at # 11 on the Billboard Top 200 selling over 58,000 copies first week and the first single off the album, the guitar-charged anthem “All I Want” was one of 2011’s most played songs at alternative radio. The album also debuted as the # 1 Rock Album in the UK.

Vyie @ The Drunken Unicorn
Jessi Monroe and Janey Criss use Vyie as a platform for bringing deathpop (an eskimonic sub-genre characterized by its electronic backbone and layers of darker, melodic clouds) to the forefront of independent music, where sounds are reviewed, discussed and analyzed. Vyie is a band that writes experimental, synth pop hooks and vocal clouds that take you on journeys in the dark, where reality and fantasy bleed into one another and visions begin.

Jonny Craig @ The Masquerade
Jonny Craig began his singing career between the ages of 16-17 as the lead vocalist for Seattle based post-hardcore band Ghost Runner on Third in 2002.He received early praise with this new band’s debut EP, Speak Your Dreams. Allmusic.com stated that Craig was quote: “the band’s secret weapon, a passionate vocalist who doesn’t rely on the usual emo techniques (belligerent screaming, post-hardcore barking, whiny moralizing — that sort of thing) to put across his angsty lyrics.



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