Whatta Ya Thankful Fer? Death On Two Wheels; Playing The Stuffing, Nov. 23

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Is it the food, family, and the ever so pleasant effects of tryptophan after filling your belly with turkey? Well for us it is The Stuffing, and i don’t mean the squishy bready stuff. Next wednesday, November 23, our favorite boys Manchester Orchestra & Favorite Gentlemen Recordings are excited to announce their 2nd annual thanksgiving celebration – THE STUFFING! Hosted at the Center Stage Complex, tickets are only $25 and that gets you access to all three venues (Vinyl, The Loft, Center Stage). This year’s lineup is pretty stellar and includes: Manchester Orchestra, Cage The Elephant, The Dear Hunter, Kevin Devine,  O’Brother, All Get Out, Death On Two Wheels, Harrison Hudson, Right Away, Great Captain!, Gobotron, A: The Color, Big Jesus,  and Junior Astronomers. Leading up to the show Atlanta Music Guide will be asking all the bands just what they are thankful this year. First up, our dear friend Trae Vedder from Death On Two Wheels.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

First, we slay The Stuffing with all of our FG brethrens. Soon thereafter, I board a plane to NYC first thing in the morn to spend Thanksgiving with my ladyfriend. She, a veggie-lover, myself, a southern bread traditional sort, but we’re all good, our combined menu serves us both well. It’s our first time cooking an entire holiday meal all on our own, should be interesting, wish us luck!

Describe your perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Fried turkey by my Pops, chicken pie by my Ma, dressing from my Grandma, chocolate cake by my Granny … deviled eggs by somebody, and a bucket of KFC extra crispy from the laziest aunt/uncle/cousin in the room … throw in some kind of casserole, some macaroni, black eyed peas, mash pototoes, and turnip greens … and maybe some homemade ice cream and/or carrot cake. Seconds? Yes, please!

What’s your most memorable Thanksgiving?

We were on tour and homeless on the west coast for Thanksgiving a few years back. We actually slept in the van and on the beach (armed with pocket knives) in Santa Monica on Thanksgiving Eve. We were recording with our pals Ned and Taylor from Rooney at the time. They headed out of town for the holiday weekend, but before doing so, offered us full and free reign over their home. A genuine gesture that will never be forgotten, and a classic case of friends becoming family, forever thankful Browers! Alas, we wanted some vegetables for Thanksgiving, but had no budget for a real deal meal, but Papa John’s was open and the rest won’t do it…PIZZA FOR THANKSGIVING, BOOM!

What are you the most thankful for?

I’m thankful for an extremely loving and supportive family. That sounds like a generic answer, but it’s simply the truth. They are always there for me, and stand by me, through each and every one of the ups, downs, and in-betweens. I can’t imagine having a better family to call my own, and I love them from the bottom of my heart. I’m also incredibly thankful for each of my fellow band members, thank you for being you Paul, Greg, J., and Dan!


  1. sums it up perfectly. trae is the man. as are the rest of dotw. cant wait for the stuffing fellas!

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