Whatya Ya Thankful Fer? The Dear Hunter, Kevin Devine, & Big Jesus; Playing The Stuffing, Nov. 23

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn
The time is almost here! The Favorite Gentlemen boys and Manchester Orchestra present their SOLD OUT show The Stuffing, taking over the Center Stage Complex this Wednesday, Nov. 23. All week leading up to the show, we are doing a “Whatta Ya Thankful Fer” series with the acts. Today we feature The Dear Hunter, Kevin Devine, and Big Jesus! 
What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

DH: Spending it with the band and Andy Hull and his family.

KD: Well, first I’m coming to Atlanta and playing at The Stuffing.  Then, I fly home the following morning to have Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s house in Jersey.  We’ll end up in Boston on Friday at my girlfriend’s mom’s for a kind of 2nd dinner.  Busy bees.

BJ: Playing a big ass show and then getting on a big ass plane that will take me north.

Describe your perfect Thanksgiving meal.

DH: I don’t like turkey… So usually mashed potatoes with some peas, salad, and some cornbread and cranberry sauce.

KD: Well, I’m vegetarian so, though I love the taste and have an abiding respect for tradition, it’d most be meat-free and heavy on the sides. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, yams, creamed peas, biscuits, mad pies, etc.  Thanksgiving food is “too dope” (TM).

BJ: A big ass ham, turkey, mashed taters, loads of gravy. Fugg the green stuff.

What’s your most memorable Thanksgiving?

DH: When my vegetarian mother thought tofurkey would be a good idea. My father was not pleased.

KD:  Maybe 2003, after my dad had passed.  It was the first big holiday after his death, my just-born nephew was sick, my brother said a really beautiful and intense grace before the meal.  That is the first one that leaps to mind.

BJ:  The one from last year, nothing happened, I just don’t really remember any past that.

What are you the most thankful for?

DH:  My family, my wife, my band, and mike Marquis

KD:  The people in my life.  Feel very lucky for them.

BJ: To not have to have a real job right now and of course the big ass jesus.


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