William Goldsmith (Founding Member of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, Foo Fighters) Reveals New Track “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife” Off Upcoming LP From His New Project Assertion

Fans of rock and roll mark your calendars. On April 9th, Assertion will release their debut album, Intermission through Spartan Records. Assertion is a brand-new project, but drummer William Goldsmith is no stranger to the industry. Goldsmith, who is a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft and Foo Fighters, is returning from a decade long hiatus to revive the spirit of alternative rock. Goldsmith is joined by Justin Tamminga and Bryan Gorder to create power trio for the ages. For a preview of what’s to come, listeners should check out Assertion’s new single “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife”. The track is available for streaming here.

“The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Knife” is a lot like a wrecking ball- it’s heavy and it just keeps swinging. Assertion employs a layered guitar texture that envelops listeners in a sea of distortion and builds a fullness many three-piece bands fail to capture. The thunderous drums and deluge of distortion are plusses, but the real highlight of the track is the vocal melody. The melancholy atmosphere of the vocals contrast with the hard rock sound of the band, evoking qualities of early 2000’s Deftones. If “The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls A Kniferepresents the overall quality of Intermission, fans are in for a treat.

Those looking for more information on Assertion can go to spartanrecords.com or follow the band on social media:



To pre-order a vinyl copy of Intermission customers can visit https://spr.tn/intermission.  

Customers in the UK or EU can order at https://spr.tn/intermissionuk. 


.‘Intermission’ Track Listing:

Down Into The Depths

The Lamb To The Slaughter Pulls A Knife


This Dream Does Not Work

Pushed To The Limit

Deeper In The Shallow

This Lonely Choir

Supervised Suffering

Set Fire


Words by Justin Settipani


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