5GB With Shark Fighter; Playing Vinyl, Friday June 15th

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Since it’s inception in 2009 Shark Fighter has quickly become one of Atlanta’s most popular cover bands. With 20 years of live music experience among its members, Shark Fighter delivers a fun and energetic live show that keeps crowds singing and dancing all night. For a good time, catch them at Vinyl on Friday.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?

Besides the gigs my parents took me to see when I was a kid (Randy Travis at the County Fair comes to mind…the only tune I remember was the Folgers jungle), the first real arena-type concert that I attended on my own accord was Metallica at the Omni in Atlanta (before it was Philips Arena). Kirk and Lars would appear on the teletron before they came out, talking all bad-ass about playing fast and loud and “check out Kirk! He’s drinking straight Gin!” Only now I realize it was probably water, and you know he squeezed a lemon wedge in that – I mean, I would, too…it cleans the water. But I was front row, right in front of one of Kirk’s many wah pedals he had across the arena to bust out his wah-laden solos at any given corner.

What is the best gig that you ever played/performed?

2 come to mind: the members of Shark Fighter also have a Weezer tribute band, El Scorcho, and we had the opportunity to play on-stage with Weezer back in 2008. There’s video on YouTube of me playing the bassoon solo (yes, the bassoon) on their song “Beverly Hills” – the place went nuts, which shocked me, because before the songs, he called me out on playing part of “Peter and The Wolf” and I couldn’t remember the line. I thought for sure I would get tomatoes thrown at me or something. Our guitarist split his pants at the crotch, too, so something must have been going right. We also did a gig as El Scorcho at the 40 Watt in Athens to a packed house of fans where members of the UGA marching band backed us up, and they were all very cool.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?

My wife and I went to see Sunny Day Real Estate when they reunited recently to perform their first 2 albums on tour. It was our Anniversary, and they were just spectacular. I’ve also seen Steve Vai play, and you just have to shake your head the whole time at his shows because he’s on another planet…a cheesy planet sometimes, but man, that cat can play. And you know what…? They Might Be Giants’ kids concerts…? Pretty awesome, too.

What is the gig you would most like to play?

Saturday Night Live, but it has to be back in the Wayne’s World era, and Garth has to be guest player on drums – hands down.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

If my band had to the open the show, it would be for The Jesus Lizard. I’d want to be first so we could get out of the way of David Yow: someone told me a story once of him jumping on a guy in the audience and giving him a bear hug and would not let go; can you imagine? They would kill it, though, and people would just beat us up for being lame…that Yow has some antics, man. But if my band had to have openers…I’m talking to you, John Stamos, Johnny Depp, and Rick Springfield.

Catch Shark Fighter Friday, June 15th at Vinyl

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