CD Review: Green Day — Awesome As F**k

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Green Day
Awesome As Fuck
Reprise Records

By Ellen Eldridge

So Green Day’s gone and released a live album. But, much to the chagrin of those who think a live album just means the band ran out of money, here is a true treat for some of the would-be concert goers who are just too young (or poor) to get to a real gig. Green Day performs hits from the Grammy Award-winning 21st Century Breakdown, an album which does well to solidify its effect on audiences of wanna-be punk kids crying out with obnoxious audacity; the same kind of adamant anti-authority sentiment as would lead a band to title a release Awesome As Fuck. Such is the legacy of Green Day and its relationship with audiences.

Way back in its infancy (1994), Green Day cajoled its crowd at the 25th anniversary of Woodstock, a concert to promote peace, to throw mud and rocks (one of which knocked out Mike’s tooth) in an act of “fucking anarchy” as Billie Joe said. The punch of the power-chord, pop punk makes Green Day such an enjoyable way to expel angst and the collection of tracks on Awesome As Fuck showcases this. The spirit of the live show and just how in-tune fans are with the boys in the band can actually be heard in the singing along, the chanting, and the cheers. Those who haven’t had the chance to experience Green Day live should definitely attend a performance vicariously. The gems have been chosen so the album will not disappoint!

The set (also available on CD with bonus DVD via Reprise Records), features explosive performances captured during the multi-platinum rock band’s 2009-2010 World Tour. The vinyl version will feature 17 tracks on 180 gram double-disc gatefold vinyl, bundled with an exclusive eco-friendly T-shirt. Fans can pre-order the release here. (

The footage on the bonus DVD was shot at the band’s show in Tokyo, Japan. The package includes Green Day’s biggest hits and fan favorites, including “21 Guns,” “American Idiot,” “When I Come Around,” and “Good Riddance.” See below for full track-listing:

01. 21st Century Breakdown – (London, England)
02. Know Your Enemy – (Manchester, England)
03. East Jesus Nowhere – (Glasgow, Scotland)
04. Holiday – (Dublin, Ireland)
05. Viva La Gloria! – (Dallas, Texas)
06. Cigarettes And Valentines – (Phoenix, Arizona)
07. Burnout – (Irvine, California)
08. Going To Pasalacqua – (Chula Vista, California)
09. JAR – (Detroit, Michigan)
10. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? – (New York, New York)
11. Geek Stink Breath – (Saitama-shi, Japan)
12. When I Come Around – (Berlin, Germany)
13. She – (Brisbane, Australia)
14. 21 Guns – (Mountain View, California)
15. American Idiot – (Montreal, QUE)
16. Wake Me Up When September Ends – (Nickelsdorf, Austria)
17. Good Riddance – (Nickelsdorf, Austria)

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