CD Review: The Head — Puckered; Playing Meehan’s January 16

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Teen musicians are usually poster ready heartthrobs who sing songs other people wrote and require a lot of vocal tweaking in the studio. The Head are about to change that notion. 

The Atlanta trio of Jacob Morrell (18), Jack Shaw (19) and Mike Shaw (19) are the real thing. Lead guitarist Morrell loves both the heavy and jangly guitar sound of the '60s (think Strawberry Alarm Clock with Hendrix playing lead). Yet with Mike Shaw's bass and keyboards, and Jack Shaw's straight forward drum beats, it all sounds modern, and downright addictive.

Jack Shaw, who handles most of the songwriting and vocal duties in addition to beating the skins, adds some trippy lyrics that would be obnoxious if they weren't so damn catchy. Opening song, the power pop chestnut "Atom Bomb," begins with the lines "The lights are on, your head is off." Um, okay. But there's no denying Morrell's race car riffs, or the "bah bah da bah" chorus.

Puckered offers more than just dynamite power pop, "Karma Waltz no. 2" reincarnates the garage sound of The Strokes as a swing band. It doesn't sound like it would work, but it does beautifully. "Nobody Listens" offers up some infectious ska, and while "Your Mama's Watching" is not quite as heavy as Deep Purple, it is at least a very dark lavender. 

The Head will make you want to wear shades. They'll make you play air drums. They'll make you need to dance. You know, like when you were a teenager.

The Head plays Meehan's in Sandy Springs January 16.


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