Interview with Alexz Johnson playing at Vinyl Saturday, March 9

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418618_10151193882982828_930699406_nBy: Shelby Lum

When I caught up to talk with Alexz Johnson, she was surprisingly collected and calm after her computer had been hacked–for the fourth time. I would have had a melt down, but the young Canadian singer handled it in stride.

Her computer was also hacked and Basement Recordings was leaked. Rather than seeing it as a loss, Alexz decided to release more, just so her fans would have proper recordings of the all the tracks, and Basement Records ended up having three different installments.

So much for hackers ruining your life.

“Music has always been my passion,” Alexz said, and she has turned that passion back towards fans.

Starting her career on TV and movies with roles in So Weird and Final Destination 3, as well as writing music for the shows, stage presence isn’t something this girl is lacking. “I started focusing more on my music after the show,” Alexz said. The singer said balancing touring with acting, auditioning, and writing music was difficult on her own, and music became a priority for her.

Yet her start on TV has helped the musician get her music out to a broad audience. “It’s gotten my music all over the world,” Alexz said. From her beginnings as a teen on TV shows, to present day, Alexz’s music has changed.

“As you grow as an artist I think it’s important to try change,” she said. From life experiences, and a recent hear break, the singer has begin pushing her musical limits to challenge what she had previously done.

“My music started changing as my life started changing,” Alexz said. “I was singing about stuff that really moves me.”

Where Alexz differs from most young artists is in her managment. She doesn’t have any. Where many musicians scramble to lock onto great management, Alexz has decided to fly solo.

“I like the control I have over the music,” she said. “I am a completely self funded artist and its a  self funded tour.”

She said she not only likes to have control over her music, but she also enjoys the freedom she gets by not having management. She doesn’t have to compromise what she want to write for the sake of a “good seller.”

Want to support her in her tour? Go here, and you can help her tour and her newest album finish recording.

Alexz Johnson will be playing at Vinyl on Saturday, March 9th. 

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