Interview with Jenny O. Playing at Variety Playhouse on 5/11

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Jenny O. has been gaining popularity within the LA singer songwriter scene for some time now. From stripped down acoustic shows to playing with a full band, she has been touring the country in support of her most recent album Automechanic. Her music has been featured on True Blood, and her style has a hippie-esque feel to it. Check out the exclusive Atlanta Music Guide interview with Jenny O. below:
You recorded your album “Automechanic” on 2″ analog tapes. Did you do it that way to create the more vintage/nostalgic feel to your songs?
Hi! I think it isn’t really about nostalgia. We use tape to get a really good, clear, deeper sound. Also to create something real on a tangible medium is more satisfying as an artist than creating data, which isn’t real.
You are coming off an album release earlier this year, what has the reaction been like to “Automechanic”?
The reaction has been pretty great, I’m glad people like this record.
You funded your first EP “Home” through KickStarter. What made you want to turn to KickStarter, and how was that experience for you?
I did fund my first EP though Kickstarter. It was successful but I’m glad its history. I required a vigilant and vulnerable online presence for two months and that ain’t me.
You’ve talked about the LA music scene being more collaborative than in other places. Are there any artists you really want to work with? 
A few years ago, I left home and found a little musical family in LA. But now there’s some folks I want to make music with in Nashville. 
Sometimes you play with a band, while other performances are solo. Do you prefer one to the other? Will you have a band at Variety Playhouse?
Yes. I prefer to play with a band. I get to dance, have more freedom on guitar, and get to deliver the songs in the genre I hear them. But takes a great machine and lots of money so I often tour solo at this point. Band members tour in other bands so it’s always a rotating cast. We’ve made it happen for the Rodriguez tour and I will have a band at Variety Playhouse on May 11.

Jenny O. is scheduled to open for Rodriguez at Variety Playhouse on May 11. 

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