Live Review and Photo Book: The Happenstance at The EARL Saturday, Dec. 8th

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Review and photos by: Loren Hoffmann

Saturday night, a time to get out of the house and into the world, and what better way to spend it than listening to some creative beings pouring their creative hearts and souls into a night full of music.  Performing not only for a crowd of eager on lookers, but also some well deserving charities including Atlanta Community Food Bank and Sweet Relief, a charity helping with the medical needs of musicians, The Happenstance at The EARL was a battle of the bands with a twist.

As the early morning sun came shinning over hotlanta, 30 musicians entered The EARL. They were given coffee, bagels, and (as one band joked) gluten free muffins, and then sent to create new music.  As they were divided into six different groups, their names were drawn out of hats and equally distributed with a guitarist, bassist, drummer,  and keyboardist for each group.  They were then given the day to write three original songs or a 20 minute set, while also perfecting a cover song.  All of these revolved around a theme: weather.

Some new faces and some recurring ones took the stage, making the magic of weather come to life.  After 9.5 short hours since the musicians had walked through the doors of The EARL and met their brand new band mates, the audience began filtering in to see what the night had to bring.  Anxiously, people crowded around the bar and the stage on their toes in excitement and anticipation for the show.

One after the other bands hit the stage, one named after a favorite southern breakfast food, another had a missing band member, and weather inspired tongue twisters amped up the energy of the room.   As people clapped, waved, and danced to the lyrics of rain, sun, thunder, and seasons (even a gnarly Christmas song that almost everyone got involved in), the atmosphere was perfect for the fun seeking bands.

The night was all about involvement, and getting out and present in your own community.  Proceeds went to a local charity as well as a charity specifically made to help out musicians.  The Happenstance was focused in encouraging the Atlanta music scene as well as the local artists who make it.

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