Music Man: If It Sounds Good It Is Good

[ 1 ] August 26, 2008 |

To bite a line from Atlanta’s
very own Mayor of Ponce (who bit it from David Lee Roth), "If it sounds
good it is good"…we’re talking of course about music, and the various
genres and sub-genres that have come into being over the past century.

In doing what I do, I spend a lot of time with very young artists, and one
thing I’ve noticed is how open to all types of music the younger generation is.
It really is cool rolling though an 18 year-old’s iPod and seeing everything
from Justin Timberlake to Oasis to T.I. to The Academy Is…You see, they don’t care what you,
or I, or anyone else think about how cool or uncool their collection is, because to them it sounds good, therefore it is
good, and who cares how it’s perceived by others? And isn’t that how it should be? They weren’t even born when Diamond Dave coined his phrase, but somehow they get it, and I think it’s awesome. That’s not to say that this mentality is limited only to people in their teens, it just seems
like people like me who were raised in the 80’s had a problem stepping outside
the boundaries of whatever genre they were into at the time. If you liked The
Cure, for example, then you probably didn’t admit to liking Sir Mix-a-lot (even if you were
like me and devoured both at break-neck speed). Or if you were into REM, Motley
Crue was probably not simultaneously in your CD player, that is at least when
your friends came over.

Point is, music shouldn’t be about how others perceive you when looking at your
collection, it should be about how it makes you feel and how it moves you when
you listen to it. David Lee got it, and so does an entire new
generation of music lovers–and that can only be good for music as a whole.
Current Listening: Kings of Leon "Sex On Fire" Tyga "First Timers" Port Obrien "I Woke
Up Today"

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  1. teamluis says:

    Amen to that.
    i just found this band – the Felice Brothers, very Bob Dylan/folky. Thought I’d pass it on!

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