Picture Book & Live Review: Earth, Wind and Fire @ The Fox Theatre

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Earth, Wind, and Fire 397

Photos & Review By Deidra Pinion

As I walked into the Fox Theatre for the first time, I was so overwhelmed by all of the beautiful lights and setup. However, being able to see Earth, Wind, and Fire for the first time, was the icing on the cake for me. The rumbling of the speakers, the stage lights coming on, from start to finish the night was just amazing.

Earth, Wind, and Fire took the stage for their Now, Then, and Forever tour. They played a few of the songs from their new album, but also included the songs that always have you dancing. “Dancing in September”, being a favorite, had everyone out of their seats and dancing in the aisles. Every hand in the theatre was raised with the band, just to dance along with them. “After the Love Has Gone”, “Shining Star”, and “Devotion” were a few of the many songs played.

One of the highlights of the evening, among so many other things, was definitely Phillip Bailey’s voice. I have never heard a voice like his! He joined the stage, and the notes that he hit left chills on my arms. If you have not had the chance to see these guys live, you are definitely missing out! The three original members of the band stepped out on stage, and received a huge standing ovation. After all, these guys have been performing for a very long time. All of the jumping around on stage, the sound of the saxophone, the drums, everything was just so contagious. I cannot wait to be able to see them perform live again! To check out the guy’s new album, head over to EarthWindandFire.com, and be sure to order their new album on iTunes.

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