Picture Book: Melt Banana at The EARL, November 5

[ 2 ] November 8, 2011 |

By Michael Koenig (http://vacantmoon.viewbook.com/)

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Melt Banana:

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  1. Picture Book: Melt Banana at The EARL, November 5 | November 10, 2011
  1. maynardaltman says:

    Melt Banana THE ABSOLUTE WORST “band” EVER! Opened for TOOL on 10,000 Days southeastern leg of 2007 tour and from the rip it was as if Maynard and Danny Carey had bogarted WEEN’s Scotchguard before giving this (melt banana) turd of noise the opening slot. Melt TURD…out of tune, out of touch, hopefully out of distortion pedals and outta the states and back in Japan donating their instruments and gear to that cool lil’ Japanese kid…you know in the natural gas commercial rockin’ his butt off to a metal version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” until his dad turns off power to his guitar…that kid kicks arse. He would’ve been better than Melt “wtf” Banana. Hope it was a free show for you that saw them and for those who stayed longer than the first 45 seconds enjoy the tinitis and no, you are not cool because you bought a t-shirt or waited after show by the bus…you’re a poser. One more thing…anybody still out there that remembers FOLLOW FOR NOW? Not that one could EVER forget FFN. If so, help me I’m trying to get hands on good (cd and/or dvd) quality live shows that I know are out there. look me up maynardaltman on Google + or [email protected] NOW, that was a band too bad Cotton Club Dan sucked the life out of them.

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