Picture Book: Clutch @ Center Stage

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Pictures & Review By Deidra Pinion

If you were coming to see Clutch at Center Stage, you probably noticed that almost, if not every seat, was filled. Clutch started touring in March 2013 in support of their new album, Earth Rocker. People of all ages lined the theater. I was told that I was in for an amazing show, and that was so true! Clutch did not disappoint! I was pumped before they even took the stage.

Clutch performed some of their older songs, including “Mice and Gods”, and “Mob Goes Wild” and included a few songs from their new album, “Crucial Velocity”, and the song “Earth Rocker”, the title of their album. Although it was my first Clutch show, I can honestly say, it won’t be my last! Almost everywhere you looked, people were dancing. Their energy on stage was so contagious.

If you haven’t seen Clutch live, you must go! To learn more about what’s going on with the band, and their tour, check out Clutch’s website, and be sure to check out their new album, Earth Rocker.

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