10 Items That Will Save Your Life At A Music Festival


No doubt, music festivals are some of the best and most memorable times you’ll have in your life. A non-stop dance party, live music, your best friends; what could go wrong? Well… if you’re not prepared, a lot of things. Most times people don’t think about an issue until it actually happens.

So to ensure you have your best festival experience, here are 10 hacks that’ll have you worry free:

1. Portable phone charger. Surprise! Your phone battery didn’t last as long as you thought it would, and now pictures and videos are out of the question. Portable phone chargers are outlet free and can slip right into a purse or fanny pack. The prices can range from $10 to hundreds of dollars, but even the cheapest will last you a full charge or two.

portable phone chargers

2. Wagon. These are especially helpful for camping festivals. Sometimes the walk from the parking lot to the campsite can be up to a few miles long. With all that luggage and so little hands, it can be a struggle. A lot of wagons are fold up, so they can fit easily into your car.

3. Camelbak Hydration Pack. With constant moving comes constant dehydration. Especially if the weather is hot, it’s super easy to get dehydrated, and festivals are notorious for selling pricey water. A pouch of water with straws attached sits tightly inside this backpack, so water is only a reach away. It holds up to 70 oz, so you should be good to go for a few hours at least!


4. Shower wipes. These come in better handy than you think. People often underestimate the mud, sweat and dirt you endure during a festival. Especially for camping festivals, it saves you from standing in those long shower lines.

5. Waterproof bags. It’s basically a right of passage that at some point during your festival, it WILL rain. In that case, you will need some sort of protection for yourself and your belongings. For yourself, we recommend a poncho. However for your belongings, you can use anything from plastic shopping bags to more efficient waterproof bags like these.

waterproof bags

6. Fanny Packs. You may never have realized how annoying it is to have a backpack or purse on until you dance at a festival. They bounce up and down and make you feel constricted. A fanny pack holds just about everything you need and sits tightly on your waist. (Side note: this is one of the only socially acceptable places left to wear a fanny pack: take advantage!)

7. Ear plugs. These are an absolute must. The bass and the speakers will still be pretty loud, but earplugs will keep your ears from ringing for a week afterwards. Tip: the gel plugs work best because they conform to your ear shape!

8. Totems. Totems are great if you’re coming with a big group and plan on splitting up. In any normal setting you could call or text friends to ask their location, however most outdoor venues don’t have service. Making a unique totem to hold up high will help you find your friends in the event you get lost! Totems are also super fun to have as a sort of “mascot” for your group.

oprah totem

9. Sunscreen. This one is pretty self explanatory.

10. Comfy shoes. “I just want to look cute!” Yes, we understand, however your feet won’t when they get blisters. You’re going to be walking a lot, so it’s important to have shoes you can last a long day in! We recommend a good pair of sneakers or sturdy sandals like Chacos. Bring some you don’t love too much, because they’re bound to get muddy and wet (as we learned from this past weekend at Sweetwater 420 Fest).



  1. Great list, and I’m stealing the idea of bringing an extra battery charger. Super idea and one I’ve used in the past for sure but never made it onto my own packing list!


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