15 Questions With The Black Dahlia Murder; Playing Masquerade Tonight

By Eileen Tilson

According to Wikipedia, “The Black Dahlia” was a nickname given to Elizabeth Short  (July 29, 1924 – ca. January 15, 1947), an American woman and the victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder.  Short was found mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist, on January 15, 1947, in Los Angeles… so obviously the most appropriate name for Michigan death metal band, The Black Dahlia Murder, who are playing the Masquerade tonight! And the best part of this ending? Lead simger Trevor Strnad is one of the nicest death metalists I have met.

What is the most outrageous gift you have ever received from a fan?

Tattoos! I am so amazed that people actually get tattoos about us! I met one fan who had all of our faces tattooed on his chest… We all looked like we should be in King of the Hill.

How do you like your coffee?

I actually don’t drink coffee. If I did I would need to have a diaper on, or drink over a toilet.

If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

Dave Mustaine from Megadeath… I’m not sure that it is totally impossible, but highly unlikely that it will ever happen!

If you were the opposite sex for one day, who would you most want to take on a date?

Walter from the band Rival Schools.  I have a secret man crush on him.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

16! It was horrible! The girl looked like the sister with the braces on South Park! Definitely the kind of girl I wouldn’t tell my members about!

Can you play the ukulele?

Nope… well actually I never tried…

What was your first concert?

New Kids on the Block. My mom took me…. and then there was a long gap until I saw my second concert, Megadeath, at age 13.

How do you feel about tequila?

It’s brutal! I can’t drink it. I pretty much only drink vodka – or gin.

If you were a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby what would your name be?

“Not Glue.”

Can you dance?

I like dancing to make people laugh. No one has actually told me I was a bad dancer, but people generally laugh at me.

What’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?

Sleep! And eat somewhere nice, and not just some random place we eat at on the road.

If you could live in the shoes of any musician for a week who would it be?

Dave Mustaine from Megadeath.

What are you working on right now? What are you the most excited about for the future?

Well we just put out the new record, and we have been promoting it on our Summer Slaughter Tour.

The Black Dahlia Murder play The Masquerade tonight as part of The Summer Slaughter Tour. For more info : http://www.masqueradeatlanta.com/



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