18 For Their 18th! Smith’s Olde Bar Lowers Age Limit To 18

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn

Smith’s Olde Bar is just getting better with age! First, they get rid of the sticky floors, then they make the venue non-smoking, and now they are lowering their age limit to 18!! So all of those young ones (who buy all the merch) will be allowed to join in the great music that Smith’s Olde Bar has prided themselves on for years! Atlanta music institution, Smith’s Olde Bar, is known for bringing local, regional and national touring talent through the doors every night of the week for fans of every genre of music to enjoy. The 21 and up venue is making a change to being 18 and up in both music rooms (with some special exceptions). Owner and founder Dan Nolen has this to say about the change:

“Smith’s Olde Bar hopes that this move will help open up the doors to a younger generation of music enthusiast and bring in talent that generally plays to a younger audience.”

We are looking forward to it! More info. TBA.



  1. Will Smiths Olde Bar let in a 17 year old boy with his parent on Oct. 31?

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