500 Songs for Kids- #250-200 Update

Picture_044_2 500 Songs For Kids Update from Night #6

Songs #250-200 on the Countdown of the 500 GREATEST SING-ALONG SONGS OF ALL TIME!

The hits just keep on coming! Last night’s countdown ranged from classic rock hits like “Sweet Child of Mine” to the Christmas standard “Feliz Navidad” to Greatest American Hero’s Theme. Tonight the fun continues with Drivin ‘n Cryin and many more great acts as we continue to count down the greatest sing along songs of all time.

Here are some of last night’s highlights:

#241- These Boots Are Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra performed by Hardly Darlings
#240- Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses performed by Brad Cox from Grayson Manor
#235- Bennie and the Jets by elton John performed by Arts and Sciences
#234- Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac performed by South 70
#230- Hold Me Now by The Thompson Twins performed by the Sun Dogs
#228- Faith by George Michael performed by Galyan
#227- The Love You Save by Jackson 5 performed by Tendaberry
#225- Oh Sherry by Steve Perry performed by Gary Pfaff
#223- Changes by David Bowie performed by Cinetrope
#222- Mr. Jones by Counting Crows performed by Modern Society
#221- Feliz Navidad performed by The Sanata Band
#220- Our House by Madness performed by Nerd Parade
#219- The General by Dispatch performed by Hightide Blues
#217- Sweet Child of Mine by Guns ‘n Roses performed by Bucky Hog
#216- Greatest American Hero’s Believe It or Not by Mike Post performed by Mike Caleanas
#215- Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary performed by Dave Daniels and The P.T.A.
#212- Footloose by Kenny Loggins performed by Chase 56
#211- Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. performed by Lyrical Preacher
#210- Fat Bottom Girls by Queen performed by J-Roddy Walston and the Business
#209- Singing in the Rain performed by Gwen Hughes
#207- Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana performed by Libras

View the rest of the pictures here- AMG 500 Songs For Kids Night 6 Pictures


  1. You forgot Tendaberry, they did a great version of The Love You Save by the Jackson 5. I also really liked the band who did Talk Dirty to Me, but I didn’t catch their name.
    This has been a great event, can’t wait to get back out there…

  2. Agree on Tendaberry, I thought they were the best performance of the night.

  3. Acutally- We just weren’t done updating! They’ve been added along with some others!
    Thanks for the input… Come back tomorrow!

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