500 Songs For Kids- #500-450 Updates

496_helios_dont_stand_so_close_t_10 500 Songs For Kids Update from Night #1

Songs #500-450 on the Countdown of the 500 GREATEST SING-ALONG SONGS OF ALL TIME!

Highlights from last night that you should be sad you missed (good, bad, and the ugly all incl):
     * #496- Don’t Stand So Close To Me by The Police performed by Helios
     * #481- Laid by James performed by Stokeswood
     * #480- Seether by Veruca Salt performed by Today The Moon Tomorrow The Sun
     * #495- Ramblin Man by The Allman Bros performed by Delta Moon
     * #492- A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke performed by Janelle Monae
     * #474- Love and Marriage by Frank Sinatra performed by Swank Sinatra
     * #472- All For You by Sister Hazel performed by Chuck Carrier with Ryan and Jett from Sister Hazel
     * #471- Sabotage by The Beastie Boys performed by The Beastly Boys
     * #470- Man of Constant by The Soggy Bottom Boys performed by Missy Gossip
     * #465- The Simpsons Theme Song performed by Nikko and Kathy on horns
     * #464- Lit Up by Buckcherry performed by Kimberly Nicole
     * #462- Love Shack by the B-52s performed by The Love Willows
     * #457- Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley performed by Golden Fro
     * #454- Land Down Under by Men At Work performed by Jermaine
     * #452- Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry performed by the Nick Edelstein Band
     * #451- Mickey by Toni Basil performed on the spot by Josh Rifkin and Friends (see video)
     * #450- Kumbaya performed by everyone! It was a sing-along!

Updates for the rest of the week- what you can expect:
     * Drivin N Cryin will be performing one night! Rumor is that it will be their song Straight To Hell
Sister Hazel surprised us last night, but they will be returning further along the countdown
     * Mason Jennings will make an appearance one night
     * Matt White (who is opening for Sheryl Crow at Chastain) will be performing Saturday night after his show at Chastain!
     * Hey Jude will be #1 (but who will be singing it? last year it was Angie Aparo! Who will it be this year? Stay tuned to AMG for rumors and updates!)
     * Francine Reed will be performing a Louis Armstrong song next Friday

Don’t miss out the next 9 days! Stay tuned to AMG, your 500 Songs For Kids Headquarters!



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