5GB With Alabama Shakes; Playing The Earl, Tonight, Nov, 9

By Eileen Tilson / @tktalt_tn

Rolling Stone named them the buzz band of CMJ. They recently signed with one of the biggest band management companies in the world, and the Kings of Leon personally went back stage at their show in Third Man Records in Nashville to tell them how big of fans they are….and they all just recently quit their day jobs. The Alabama Shakes make it their business to let everyone know that they are from Athens, Alabama, not Georgia, citing “I don’t know why Alabama gets such a bad reputation, when there is NASCAR all over the country!” Currently spending their time between touring and recording their debut album at the legendary Bomb Shelter in East Nashville, we chatted with the band before their show tonight at The Earl.

What was the first gig you ever went to?

Molly Hatchett in Huntville, AL,when I was around 10-11.  My mom took me. My dad had those records, and I would listen to them I begged my mom to take me. I remember it vividly.

What is the best gig you’ve ever been to?

I saw the Kings of Leon at Bonnaroo, it was their first time there! I had been listening to those guys for a long time and just been wearing it out….before YouTube. They just melted faces, in the best definition of the word. We were all there  just mopping up our faces after the show!

What is the best gig you’ve ever played/performed at?

We played Tuscaloosa with the Drive By Truckers at  the Bama theater. It was amazing, cause they are our heroes. Plus we just love Tuscaloosa;  everybody just treats us so well. Everybody just came up front and sang along to all of our songs, and we were just up there rocking it!

What gig would you most like to play? (festival or event or a location or a venue)

I would love to play The Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, it’s nice to see so many people come to Alabama. There’s such a misconception about Alabama. Everyone thinks that just cause you got a southern accent that you are a redneck!

What would the line-up be at your dream gig? Who would you play with?

Sly and the Family Stone, Canned Heat, Chuck Berry in his prime before he got creepy.

Alabama Shakes play tonight at The Earl  Nov. 9


  1. Hopefully, Hangout organizers are booking these guys for next year! They would sound even better on the beach.

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