Album Review – DOTS – Greener

Socially bright and sunny, Greener is the sixth release from Atlanta’s own, DOTS. Full of kinetic, lush and dreamy songs that owe a nod to Radiohead, Post-Punk, psych-rock and the more underground sounds of mid-80s and 90s synth-pop bands like MGMT, the 10-song, Greener finds the band continuing to intertwine vignettes of technology, loneliness and restlessness and wonder with the dreamy vocals by frontman Ryan James.  In addition to James, DOTS consists of Garrett Goss on Drums, Joe Crabb on keyboard / trumpet and Blake Objartel on bass and backup vocals.

Standout tracks include the frantic beats and wash of “Being Born,” the lush and dreamy “Cardboard Queen” and “Glossy” with its 80s new wave guitar riffs in which James sings with a laconic and resigned observation of the relationship.


Promises to guarantees Qualified to wannabe Winner to a nominee

Tell me my future no

No I think you’re better off No I think you better stop Save it for another night Wasted on a waste of time 

The glossy underside of demons is soft to the touch But it’s too late it’s too late it’s too late for us”

Highly recommended.

by John McNicholas


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