Album Review: Interstellar’s “Winter Heart” Out Today, November 15th!


By Lindsey Borders

Atlanta’s very own, Interstellar, features an eclectic group of gentleman who enjoy recording and performing their music, and they do it well. The band will be hosting their release party on November 15 for their debut album, featuring ten original songs that are a throwback to the authentic 90s sounds, channeling Liam Gallagher of the popular English rock band, Oasis. Lead singer, Sid Wilson, is a native of Britain and made his way to Atlanta. While some of his experiences in America have been imposed on the record, there’s also a lot of British influence too.

All of the songs on the album have an energetic outlet, yet upon first listen, you’re under the impression that they’re going to have a melancholia effect, and then they go into a guitar rip with barrelling drums, guitar licks, and bass. I love to be overestimated with music, because not too often does music evolve to an even better sound. Yet, with Winter Heart, the music is a good narrative of storytelling that you hope to continue. When it does stop, you look forward to the next song that it’ll tie it all together, which each single does.

From the intro of “Sunburst” jamming into “Sold Ya Soul to Feel the Blues” there’s a yearning and urgency, and they compliment each other quite distinctly. Each song tells a story of acceptance, how people judge, and how to treat each other with love and grace. My personal picks are “Holy Roller,” “Winter Heart,” and “Nova Soul.”

I hope Interstellar makes more albums because their talent is inherent and their depth has even more to be explored. Their debut album is, I dare say, “stellar”. Be sure to check them out at their debut album release party taking place at The Basement at Graveyard Tavern on November 15.



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