AMG Weekend Preview 01/16/2020 – 01/19/2020

Here’s a quick look at the best shows and events happening in Atlanta this weekend Thursday, January 16th through Sunday, January 19th!


Nightly w/ THE WLDLFE & Sawyer at Vinyl

Friday, January 17th at 9:00pm

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Playing glossy contemporary pop with a romantic spirit, Nightly is the brainchild of Joey Beretta and Jonathan Capeci, cousins who began making music together before they were old enough to drive. After writing & recording a breakup song called “XO,” they posted it online. To their surprise, the track began racking up hundreds of thousands of plays as well as receiving radio airplay in Nashville, and Nightly were suddenly a hot property.


Small Reactions w/ Palm Ghosts, bandanna & Shy Layers at The EARL

Friday, January 17th at 9:00pm

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Small Reactions spent the last several years paring down their music to the most essential elements. By focusing on basic instrumentation, simple structures, and few musical cues besides “loud” and “fast,” songs were easily driven to the tipping point, off the tracks and towards destruction. RXN_002 assesses the wreckage, puts the pieces back together, and starts the journey anew where the band left off, to the darker recesses of human experience. Noisy guitars, relentless drums, and hypnotic, melodic bass are all intact, but the tools for exploration have expanded. The sound is something less monolithic, but more nuanced and complex.


Love Tractor & Magnapop at The Vista Room ATL

Saturday, January 18th at 8:00pm

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Love Tractor is a band from Athens, Georgia, and like The B-52’s, Pylon and R.E.M., is recognized as a founder of the Athens, Georgia alternative rock scene. Love Tractor toured extensively and recorded five critically acclaimed albums during the 1980s—and was particularly known for their instrumental rock. After a return to the public eye in the late ’90’s, Love Tractor released 2001’s The Sky At Night and continues to play and record new material.


Gutted Christ/Gutted Alive/Ecryptus/Aborning at The Highlander

Saturday, January 18th at 9:00pm

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Started from the ashes of Unholy Massacre in 2010 by guitarist Stephen (Supreme Chancellor Wargoat) and drummer Boyd (Noble Lord Azrith). Gutted Christ was born on the dark and stormy shores of Virginia Beach to spread the message of anti-religion and hate. After going through numerous lineup changes, they eventually recruited Michael (Disciple of the Inverted Cross) to finish recording their debut album “The Sower Ov Discord”, which eventually released in December of 2016, then physically in February of 2018 by Lost Apparitions Records. Through tumultuous times of lineup changes and setbacks, Gutted Christ seeks to spread hate and blasphemy through their music.

Welshly Arms + The Unlikely Candidates at The Loft

Sunday, January 19th at 6:00pm

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Lacing daring alternative rock with gospel-size scope and bluesy heart, the Cleveland, Welshley Arms cook up thirteen arena-ready anthems that welcome listeners to chant along everywhere. Joined by fellow alt-rock mavericks The Unlikely Candidates, this will be a night of modern hits you don’t want to miss!


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