AMG’s Ones to Watch: Milyssa Rose


By: Taylor Magill

Milyssa Rose is an Atlanta pop artist with an edge. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Milyssa has always known that the entertainment business was   her true calling. Growing up, she participated in community theater, modeling, and talent shows. Milyssa also has been studying with a vocal coach for many years to perfect her craft.

After graduating high school, Milyssa tried her hand at reality based talent searches. She soon realized that being an overnight celebrity was not her path for success. At eighteen, she began writing lyrics and experimenting with different production teams. Finally, she joined forces with Strong Foundation & Co. and 2 Gran Productions. Milyssa felt being more involved in the creative process would broaden her horizons and strengthen her skills.

At the suggestion of an artist featured on AMG’s Ones to Watch earlier in the year, Dylan Michael, I gave Milyssa Rose’s music a listen and I was immediately hit by her incredible range and soulful vocals. This week I talked to her about who she is behind the music.


AMG: How long have you been making music? What inspired you to start?

MR: I have been making music since I could speak. I use to have performances in my basement with my stuffed animals. I was my own drummer.I was a one kid show. I was inspired by MTV when they played music. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper were my absolute favorites.I loved their uniqueness and showmanship. They are both music icons. I am drawn to the strong, independent, take no BS kind of woman.

AMG: What genre would you say your music fits into?

MR: I am pop/rock. But, I dabble in everything. I am diverse in my musical tastes. I am like a musical buffet. I have something for everyone.

AMG: Who are your biggest musical influences?

MR: Christina Aguilera- her soulful voice and conviction when she sings is top notch.  Madonna- a remarkable business woman and a classic musical icon. Johnny Cash-a rebel and a songwriter. He tells amazing stories in his music. Dead Kennedy’s, AFI, Barbara Streisand, Liza Minelli,Heather Headley,Lil Wayne, Machine Gun Kelly, and Young Jeezy. I draw inspiration from all types of music.

AMG: Where does the inspiration come from your songs?

MR: Anger, bitterness, and personal experiences.Music is my therapy and I can express my thoughts and feelings in song. I’d rather invest in music than a therapist. Medication would give me writer’s block.

AMG: What is your biggest musical accomplishment so far?

MR: I would say being an indie artist being able to be free. This isn’t my bread and butter but one day it will be.I perform out. I write my own songs/melodies and diving into making music videos. I can say I am doing this my way and for me that’s an accomplishment.

AMG: What are your future plans or goals for your music?

MR: I want to empower people to speak their minds and not take any SHIT. I am not claiming to be a role model because my content it not for the kids at all time. I want to show women that you can be pretty, smart, successful without showing off your body. My goal is be bigger, better, and more fabulous. I want to continue to make quality music, put on passionate performances, and put out out of the box videos. Hopefully, my name will be recognized and the right people come looking for me.

AMG: Do you have any shows coming up?

  • MR:March 13th with Patricia Crayton 7pm
  • March 19th Lebuzz for the Lohan Experience 11pm
  • March 20th Kat’s Cafe  for At the Stage 8pm
  • March 21st 11am with The O.G. Show
  • March 22nd The Derek Shapiro show online 8pm
  • March 24th the Skyy Lounge 4pm
  • May 4th The Producer’s Ball with Vinny Bucci
  • May 10th Sweet Auburn Revue 3pm
  • May 12th Sweet Auburn 4pm
AMG: Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or website for fans to follow?


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