Atlanta, Was Our Love Big Enough for Lianne La Havas?

Lianne La Havas

YES! Atlanta showed Lianne La Havas more love than you can ever imagine so much so that her tickets were sold out 3 weeks prior to her concert date. As the crowd started to gather closer to the stage at the very small, yet intimate Loft in Downtown Atlanta, you could feel the energy in the room get even more anxious for the arrival of La Havas.

Before La Havas came out, four men with heads full of hair came out and surprised audiences with their blues sound and soulful lyrics. Known as Jamie N Commons, the band came out to give Atlanta beautiful harmonies, guitar solos and a sound unlike any other band out there. Jamie N Commons got the audience even more excited for La Havas with their unforgettable musical performance.

Shortly after the opening act the crowd saw this beautiful, petite girl with just her guitar come out and the crowd screamed with excitement for it was the Lianne La Havas. And with the first strum of her baby blue guitar, La Havas’ fans began to sing along to her No Room for Doubt song. After the song and the many applauds and scream, she brought out her band and started performing almost every song on her Is Your Love Big Enough album.

“Is your love big enough Atlanta,” La Havas asked. Yes it was! She poured out her emotions and allowed herself to become vulnerable to her fans as she sung Tease Me and Gone. And she partied with Atlanta as she asked for crowd participation for Is Your Love Big Enough and Forget. She gave all of her energy to her fans in Atlanta and they gave it back times ten. And after she performed nearly all of her songs on her album, she snapped a picture of the crowd for Instagram with her phone, greeted guests with hugs and handshakes and accepted gifts. I think that Atlanta’s love was big enough for Lianne La Havas, don’t you?


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