CD Review: Sarah Siskind — Novel; Playing Eddie’s Attic, November 16

Sarah Siskind Novel Red Request Records By Al Kaufman It would be easy to write Sarah Siskind off as just another hippie chick. Just read some of the liner notes on Novel: “All drums and percussion were handmade or household objects.” Or how about, “Sarah makes unique jewelry made from beads, charms and the like […]

CD Review: Minus Ned — Are We Finally Fitting In?; Playing The Nest, November 10

Minus Ned Are We Finally Fitting In? Nedhead Records By Al Kaufman When guitarist Ned Bridges decided to form a band with fellow Connecticut friends Zach Guglin (vocals/drums) and Michael Martens (guitar), he probably thought the band would just break up when he took off for college. Instead, the two remaining members recruited guitarist Mark […]

CD Review: Memoryhouse — The Years; Playing 529, November 1

Memoryhouse The Years Sub-Pop By Al Kaufman The Toronto duo, Memoryhouse, released a four-song EP, The Years, on Arcade Sound a little over a year ago. On this version for Sub-Pop, they’re up to five songs (replacing “the Waves” with “Modern Normal” and “Quiet America”). They also re-recorded the remaining three songs. At this rate, […]

CD Review: David Jacobs-Strain — Live from the Left Coast; Playing Eddie’s Attic, October 28

David Jacobs-Strain Live from the Left Coast self-release By Al Kaufman At the ripe old age of 25, David Jacobs-Strain is a seasoned vet in this folk-blues guitar game, and he sounds like it. He plays that slide guitar like a girlfriend. Live from the Left Coast, recorded at the Rolling and Tumbling temporary juke […]

CD Review: Man Overboard — Man Overboard; Playing Masquerade, October 14

CD Review: Man Overboard — Man Overboard; Playing Masquerade, October 14

Man Overboard Man Overboard Rise Records By Al Kaufman Now that Blink 182 have gone all mature with their new release, Neighborhoods, it’s good to know that there are bands like Man Overboard (who take their name from the Blink 182 song) to hold high to pop-punk, smarmy teen trophy. Man Overboard, a five-piece out of New […]

CD Review: Hannah Miller — O Black River; Playing Grocery on Home, October 1

Hannah Miller O Black River Self-released By Al Kaufman “I’m not ready to settle. I’m still looking for where I belong,” purrs Hannah Miller on her fifth release, O Black River. The angelic-voiced one now calls Nashville home, but she grew up in Alabama and cut her musical teeth in Columbia, S.C. Her music has […]

CD Review: Frank Turner — England Keep My Bones; Playing Masquerade, October 1

Frank Turner England Keep My Bones Epitaph By Al Kaufman Frank Turner loves two things; England and rock and roll. The folk punk rocker sings about both with wild abandon on his fourth CD, England Keep My Bones. Turner sets the tone on the rousing opener, “Eulogy.” “Not everyone can be Freddie Mercury, but everyone […]

CD Review: Chadwick Stokes — Simmerkane II; Playing The Loft, September 28

Chadwick Stokes Simmerkane II Ruff Shod By Al Kaufman Chadwick Stokes is a busy guy; so busy he uses more than one name. Under the name Chadwick Urmston, he fronts the indie rock band Dispatch, and the alternative, politically-charged State Radio, a band not afraid to throw some reggae and funk into the mix. As […]

CD Review: Scott H. Biram — Bad Ingredients; Playing Star Bar, September 29

Scott H. Biram Bad Ingredients Bloodshot By Al Kaufman Scott H. Biram doesn’t give a shit. The Austinite simply wants to wail on his guitar and belt out some hillbilly blues, which is what he does on Bad Ingredients. There’s no spit-shine polish here. No long-haired, pony-tailed guy twisting knobs in the studio. It’s just […]

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