Behind the Scenes of the Video Shoot for The Constellations’ “Perfect Day”

By Eileen Tilson

Atlanta’s “supergroup” The Constellations are giving
Atlanta another three minute distraction from their mundane workday. I had the
privilege of getting a sneak peek of the filming of their latest video “Perfect
Day,” and the setting could not be more perfect. A rainy night at a well worn in
house in Midtown, a Cheetah girl, a very surprised-looking taxi driver and a
rotting fish set the stage for lead singer Elijah Jones’ entrance into the
non-stop house party that seems to be constantly going. The scene was filled
with Atlanta scene kids dressed head to toe in costumes that would qualify in
any Stanley Kubrick film.

ConstellationsVideo4 I also had the honor to talk to the genius behind
the video, Eric De Fino, owner of Raygun, who was the Director/Director of
Photography for the video, and who was also responsible for the band's video for
the ever popular “Felicia.”

Here's what Eric had to say about why he is excited
about working with The Constellations and the concept for this

I guess, the main reason is that I'm a fan of
the music. 

From the time I first heard them, I was hooked on
their sound and was convicted to shoot them one way or another. After meeting
the band, more specifically Elijah, I was convinced that they were going to go
somewhere. Elijah has charisma and a presence, both on stage and off, that you
don't see very often and someone needed to attempt to capture it. I was
fortunate enough to be in the position to do just that, so I scheduled a meeting
with the band, pitched them some concepts and off we went. The "Felicia" video was

ConstellationsVideo3My goal has always been to do at least two videos
for them. Once they announced their summer 2009 tour dates, there was only a
small window of opportunity to shoot the second video, I went over to Elijah's
house, and we discussed a concept for "Perfect Day" (although there were other
songs we considered as well). We brainstormed over wine and beer and a video was

The concept is simple … Ever have one of those
nights where you think, "Did I really see that last night? Who was that person?
and … how did I end up here?" Our goal was to capture both the fun and
debauchery of a house party that leaves you with a feeling the following day is
going to be a less-than "Perfect Day."

ConstellationsVideo5 Finally, working with them has really turned into
a great friendship and terrific working relationship. Our mutual respect is
something that I cherish and hope to continue for many years.

As far as technical information: Both videos were
shot with a RED Camera (highest tech camera out today), Nikon lenses and edited
on an Avid Media Composer.”

Thanks again to the entire Raygun team: Ryan
Rodinis, Chris Merrifield and Eric Heinen. This is a video that is sure to shock
and entertain, in true Constellations style.



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