Bits and Bobs: Sleigh Bells, The Selmanaires, Robyn, Sound Table, Carrie Underwood

– It was a pretty rock ‘n’ roll weekend, with The EARL’s 11th anniversary and Ringo Starr on music fans’ to-rock lists, but Saturday night found us at the CW Midtown Music Complex, where Rooney played upstairs and a pretty darn loud Sleigh Bells played to a sold-out crowd down in Vinyl. There was definitely […]

Live Review: Plants and Animals at The EARL, June 5

By  David Courtright Plants and Animals showed a great deal of promise with their 2008 album, Parc Avenue. Montreal has no shortage of innovative and successful music acts, and many of those influences and collaborations shine through in the versatility of that album. It weaves through power chord rock, nimble folk interludes, country rhythms, and […]

Live Review & Picture Book: Blitzen Trapper and The Moondoggies at Variety Playhouse, June 9

By Jhoni Jackson; photos by Jason Travis Compared to the abundant media coverage of garage rock, chillwave and other lo-fi of-the-moment indie niches, folk music appears a bit neglected. But the full crowd at The Moondoggies and Blitzen Trapper at Variety Playhouse proved that, despite temporarily existing in the shadow of catchy punk derivatives and […]