CD Review: Andy Shauf — Waiting For The Sun To Leave

Andy Shauf
Waiting For The Sun To Leave
P Is For Panda

By Giles Turnbull

Andy Shauf is the quietest man in the world, probably. But he grew up listening to Napalm Death, Slipknot and the sounds of monster trucks playing tug of war with bungee cord — maybe. He’s also definitely been voted one of USA Today’s Pop Candy “Pop Five Canadian Artists You Should Be Listening To.”

Four years since the debut album Darker Days appeared on vinyl and CD, and getting on for a year since the Four Songs EP, here we have a new eight track EP, Waiting For The Sun To Leave, comprising songs that Andy has been performing live since his previous records were released.

All songs were recorded one quiet Saturday in August, and it’s a simple formula: Andy Shauf plus guitar plus fleeting backing vocals equals songs so fragile you worry for their safety. Lyrics are intensely introspective, gently emotional, softly understanding, and if you never relate to any of them, and you’re human, you may even get a refund if you present a copy of your death certificate, suitable supporting documents, and your receipt, in person; but don’t quote me on that.

It’s almost impossible to single out individual songs, since all are well written and have moments where the words or the music, or both, are worthy of praise. However, “Open” is particularly beautiful, with a feather-light vocal melody and great lyrics like, “Without your glasses you’re blind/You took them off so you could find/A brand new way to see familiarity/You’ve got to open up your eyes to see.”

Waiting For The Sun To Leave might be full of songs anticipating the cold, in life and the air, but every song has a warm heart, and that’s why Andy Shauf is one of the top five Canadians you should be listening to — fact.


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