CD Review: Antigone Rising — 23 Red; Playing Smith’s Olde Bar, July 20

Antigone Rising
23 Red
Blackheart Records

By Al Kaufman

Joan Jett is known as the the Queen of Rock and Roll and the original riot grrrl. But her label, Blackheart Records, is open to a variety of acts, especially female ones. Hence Antigone Rising.

Antigone Rising call themselves a rock band. They are not; at least not in the Joan Jett sort of way. They are more of a country rock act in the vein of the Dixie Chicks.

But they’re good at what they do. “No Remedy,” “Everywhere Is Home,” and “Pink Sunglasses” all have that big, full, country rock sound and vocal harmonies, and “Sunglasses” offers up some wonderful summertime imagery.

“Borrowed Time,” written by bassist Kristen Henderson and lead singer Nini Camps, is a quiet, gentle ballad that the women wrote for their new children, urging them to cherish the little time we have on earth. It may sound schlocky, but it reeks of sincerity.

The girls can also rock when they want to. It’s not loud, leather pants rock, but “Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring” recalls the pop-rock of the Bangles, if they were from Alabama.  And “Goodbye” smokes along with some galloping drums and a sort of doo-wop sound.

It’s not exactly “I Love Rock and Roll,” but Jett did right to sign them.

Antigone Rising play Smith’s Olde Bar on Wednesday, July 20.


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