CD Review: Colleen Green – Sock it to Me Drops Tuesday, March 19th

colleen-green-sock-it-to-me Review by Ellen Eldridge

The Descendents’ influence on Colleen Green extends through fuzzy guitars, growling amps and quietly melodious vocals on her full-length Sock it to Me (3/19 Hardly Art Records). She has been described as “long hair and getting high,” by Joe Bernardi, and if that doesn’t speak to the theme and the undercurrent of the music on Sock it to Me then only silence should be heard.

Even an element of Sonic Youth meets 1980’s styled synth pop courses through songs like “Time in the World.”

The following song, “You’re So Cool,” references the soliloquy about Clarence (played by Christian Slater) by Alabama (played by Patricia Arquette) in the 1993 movie “True Romance.”

“Close to You” calls to The Cure’s title and keyboard effects propel listeners into that same early ‘90s buzz. The kind of feeling where you want to just drift back to that time when both incredibly happy melodies mixed with distorted guitars and plodding bass lines were eerily soothing.

Green takes her ability to create a moment of happiness and bury it under brooding; the same feeling that one gets at the beginning of a relationship when hopes are almost as high as the fears of failing. Getting close to others carries the threat of getting hands burned in a fire. This sunglasses-wearing wanna be pop star shrouds herself in the synthy pop elements fans remember from decades ago, but it’s a welcome return. She vibes and buzzes along as listeners drift in and out of a meditative state, soaking it in and having it socked to them.

The title track sits at track five of eight and thrives on its bass groove with chorus “uh huh” vocals hip-checking the listener along. “You really sock it to me,” is sung much differently that one would expect from the cover art appearing like a stoner staring down a bakery shelf. The metaphorical fun Green takes with all the ideas playing off one another make Sock it to Me both fun and moving.

Catch Colleen Green in Atlanta at 529 on April 15! Sock it to Me drops 3/19 on Hardly Art Records.



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