CD Review: Death On Two Wheels — Again for the First Time EP

By Eric Chavez

Let’s face it, Separation of Church & Fate led many fans to want more.  Now Death on Two Wheels are back at it again with Again for the First Time. With just a handful of songs, the EP is rather short, even for an EP, but like many EPs, the disc gives fans something to chew on, and done so without the extra fat. We all enjoy the LPs, but honestly, the longer the record, the more chances for filler.

The EP is most enjoyable when Death on Two Wheels calms things down and not try too hard. The opener and closer, “Calling Us All Back Home” and “Two Dollar Bills,” smooth the edges of this otherwise rocky road. The latter more is reminiscent of 80’s rock ballads and “Calling Us All Back Home” calls on The Beatles for inspiration. Everything about the song, from the psychedelic breaks, to the acoustic rock sound, drips with the rhythm of The Fab Four.

The rawest track of the five, “Shaking Life a Leaf,” is probably the only love or hate track on the disc. A bit too gritty for most to consume, allows the band to get as dark as they can. “How Love is Made” shows the sensitive side of the group, though it’s a bit power-ballad, it safely stays away from keytar hell. “Take it Away” blends the two sounds of the EP, with a mellow, folksy beat along with the grittiest vocal performance this genre of music has seen in years. Think of it as gravel on satin sheets.

Short and sometimes sweet, the EP shows that the boys have been growing up, both lyrically and vocally. Again, for the first time, the members of Death on Two Wheels have shown their raw energy, sullen poetry, and a talent for blending the harsh with the smooth and even if they don’t always succeed at doing so, rarely does their EP get a flat tire.


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