CD Review: The District Attorneys — Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP; Playing Masquerade, November 4

The District Attorneys
Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP

By Eric Chavez

To serve as a bridge between the gap of material for the band, The District Attorneys have released an EP of new material for their fans. The Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP may be only a small batch of demos, but with this material here, the potential for a classic rock album for the band isn’t much of a far-fetched dream. Some of the demos on this EP border on not only single-worthy, but perhaps a #1 Billboard single-worthy.

“California Fire” sounds like just that. A free-flowing opener for the EP, the track shines through the rest of the material from the band. From the first few seconds of the track, you just know that the band has something special in their sleeve for their first proper LP. Definitely an impressive opening case.

“Slowburner” in actuality isn’t one at all, for it is the instantly infectious tune of the EP. Ranging from The Beach Boys to Weezer, the track is pure summer fun. “Far Past the Point of Resolve” actually stands as a the slow burner on the album. A well-crafted tune, “Far Past the Point of Resolve” shows a more laid-back side of the band. While “Worry About Your Health,” an instrumental jam session, allows the Attorneys to let loose and show their untamed musical talent.

“The End” isn’t actually the end of the EP, but would have made for an impressive closing track. A slightly haunting track, it makes for perfect driving down a dusty hill late at night. Because “The End” sounds and would make such a wondering closing song (or statement, in their case), “Wrecking Ball” (a cover song) tends to be a let down. Sounding more demo-ish than the other tracks, this track may not be for all. But it’s not enough evidence to show that The District Attorneys aren’t an amazing band. In fact, this EP has more stunning tracks than most full-length “rock” albums in the past three years.

The Athens-based District Attorneys may be in the paralegal stage of their career, but if their released EPs so far are any indication of their talent and charisma, Chris Wilson, Drew Beskin, Frank Keith IV, TJ Mimbs and Walker Beard have an impressive string of hits in their future.

The District Attorneys play Masquerade on November 4.




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