East Atlanta Strut 2018 Band Schedule

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Pabst Stage:

1:00pm : Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep is an instrumental rock four-piece boy band out of Atlanta, Georgia. The name refers to the deepest known point in the earth’s oceans. Born of a passion for music and a light-hearted camaraderie, they continue to push their creative limits to create music that is both technically interesting and fun to listen to.

Immersive Atlanta had this to say about their recently released single:

“Welcome to the Show” may open with a burst of frantic drums and spastic finger tapping, but it quickly launches into its central groove, a spring-loaded riff with an almost funk-like buoyancy. From there, the group splinters off in a variety of different styles and directions—thundering stop-start dynamics, textured shoegaze-like eruptions, dazzling metallic sprints, and more.

And Georgia Local Spotlight had this to say:

“Fortunately for any music fans that may be unsure what this style is all about, Challenger Deep‘s new single “Welcome to the Show” offers a fantastic blend of catchy hooks, startling energy, and electrifying technicality. Jumping out at listeners from the drop, “Welcome to the Show” revs up with a flash of frenzied finger-tapped guitar licks and machine gun-style drumming. After the dust quickly settles, Challenger Deep takes off into a minor-key romp full of punctuated stops, howling reverb-laden guitar, and punchy bass lines.”

Drawing on a host of different inspirations, the band’s members incorporate their individual styles cultivated over years of playing into the boundless possibilities that instrumental music has to offer. Stay tuned.

Challenger Deep is:
Grant G$ Wallace – Drums & Percussion
Jason J$ Murray – Bass
Jordan J$ Fredrickson – Guitar
James J$ LaPierre – Guitar

2:00pm : PARADE

3:00pm : The Purkinje Shift

For the past twenty years, with a ten-year break in the middle and one personnel change, the band has been somewhat of an Atlanta enigma: bespectacled and besuited, the trio’s appearances have typically been sporadic affairs wherein the group constructs a fleeting moment of continuous instrumental music.

Dating back to 1997, the trio has 5 releases comprising two 7″ records and three full-lengths. Although usually lumped into the “math rock” category, the band seems seems adept at taking what may be considered an atypical time signature and actually forcing it into a shape that is more familiar and less alienating than the genre label indicates. It’s decidedly rock and roll music, and the band can flex complexity at times, but melody, feel, and a considered ebb and flow are distinct elements.

The Purkinje Shift is Ben Davis, guitar; Gary Flom, guitar; and Lee Corum, drums. Look for a full-length record late 2018.

4:15pm : Twin Studies

Twin Studies began in the summer of 2012 as a solo recording project by Jay Stanley, expanding to a live band currently consisting of Stanley, Adam Weisberg, Hollis Griffin, and Joel Miller.

5:30pm : Material Girls *LATE ADDITION*

Material Girls only come out at night. The Atlanta sextet indulge in glam and goth while maintaining a percussive no wave edge on their new album Leather. It’s a pointed balance, but the combination comes naturally for these gutter dwelling creatures who cut their teeth on the sweaty Atlanta nightlife, and is enough to summon the ghosts of CBGB and Andy Warhol. The 8 song record explodes with post-modern sleaze and over the course of 30 minutes, the band ride a wave of malaise towards a decrepit paradise.

After a promising 4 song EP and a year spent touring, including a few dates supporting the B-52s’ Cindy Wilson, the gang is sharper than ever thanks to the addition of guitarist Robbie Rapp (Muuy Biien) and bassist Meghan Dowlen. The Siouxsie-inspired shrieks of Dowlen are a particularly sharp dagger in the Material Girls arsenal, which alternates between squalling psychedelia and apocalyptic post-punk. Echoes of Richard Hell and Pere Ubu flow through nihilistic lyrics, uncaged performances, and inventive riffs.

Leather is a study in contrasts, an illustration of Material Girls ability to deconstruct the tired tropes of punk while pushing DIY music to new heights of zoned in, drugged out chaos. On the surface, this experiment is artistic and abstract, but the visceral energy of Material Girls leaves no room for hazy intellectualism. They vomit on expectation with makeup smeared faces, toying with desire, and keeping the listener tied up in Leather. Out July 2nd via Irrelevant Music (US) & Exag’ Records (EU).


6:45pm : Goldyard

“The best Intergalactic Supergroup you’ve probably never heard of.” If you haven’t already, you should get familiar with Goldyard. They’ve done collaborations with many artists, such as 2$ Fabo, Trinidad Jame$, Jarren Benton, Scotty ATL, The Outfit, TX. and the late Grip Plyaz etc. They have played shows with legends such as Mobb Deep, Too Short, Camron, Beanie Seagle, Just Blaze, Young Jeezy, and Bankroll Fresh, etc. as well as the Outkast tribute show at A3C, Swisher Sweet Stage, Red Bull Sound Select, as well as the Project Pabst festival. They’ve also done numerous nationwide tours, and have their music played for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United games in the city, helping to mold another genre and create another lane for Atlanta Hip Hop and Hip Hop in general. Their style and outlook has influenced many, and they are ready to takeover. It’s only a matter of time before their new, refreshing sound does just that.

8:00pm : Flamingo Shadow

Mixing influences as wide-ranging as Talking Heads, Os Mutantes, Fela Kuti, ESG and Bjork, cosmic family band Flamingo Shadow provides a hip-shaking soundtrack to our bizarre life on Earth. New album “Earth Music” out now on Irrelevant Music.

Tito’s Stage:

12:00pm : Mark and Lady Outlaw

Mark and Lady Outlaw play Bluegrass, Gospel, and Western Swing. 2018 will be the sixth straight year Mark and Lady Outlaw have performed at the EAV Strut.

1:15pm : School of Rock Atlanta House Band

The School of Rock Atlanta House Band is comprised of the top tier of School of Rock students. They’re typically the longest tenured and highest skill set players in our school. The House Band has a good mix of male and female students ranging in age from 12-18.

Being the top tier band, the House Band plays a mix of radio-friendly songs spanning genres and generations, but also challenges our students to reach for their best with songs that are more technically advanced, challenging their abilities and rewarding their ambition.


2:00pm : PARADE

3:30pm : Rust

Original Roots Flavored Rock and Americana Music from the ATL. Rust is Sean Moran, David Duncan, Chris Poma, Steve Lingo and Josh Crowe.

5:00pm : Blood On The Harp

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Blood On the Harp bills themselves as simply Songs about Death. This macabre musical outfit creates a sound that harkens to an antique era of American music, with lush string arrangements that drift into rich gothic terrain. Every musical measure embraces traditional mountain music’s rustic sounds, steeped in cautionary tales of murder, deceit, and the devil himself. Backed by punk rock, jazz, classical violin, and outlaw influences, BOTH brings out the call of the grave. Combined, this band is a solemn turn of the century gospel melody with a modern day string band fusion.

This Americana/Folk string band is a ghostly tribute to the unfortunate struggles that life brings, as written and told by singer/frontman Miguel Olascuaga, and his mournful choir of lost souls.

6:15pm : Cold Heart Canyon

Cold Heart Canyon defies the traditions of Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass with real Ameripolitan music. We’re a group of urban outlaws in touch with our roots, presenting our music in a way that is not for the faint of heart. We are instrument swapping, foot stomping, swearing sons of guns. Edgy, eclectic, and energetic, we take a twisted stab at tradition with an added dark sound that’s raw and rowdy, yet refined.

7:30pm : Shah

Described by Complex as Trap’s Newest Star, Toronto rapper Shah has found success with his vibrantly catchy music, subtly backed by thought-provoking bars and compelling lyricism. Shah’s latest single, Just Text, has thrived in trendsetting Atlanta clubs like Magic City and on Atlanta radio, becoming the first song by a foreign artist to win 107.9FM’s influential Battlegrounds. While Just Text provides the mainstream appeal needed to captivate new fans, its lyrics forgo rap clichés in favour of poetic storytelling, reminiscent of rap’s golden era. Shah guides listeners through his journey from Toronto to Atlanta, where music industry influencers such as radio personality Greg Street and Cash Money’s official DJ Swamp Izzo have embraced Shah. The support of Izzo – known for launching the careers of Gucci Mane, Future, and Young Thug – has allowed Shah to flourish despite rejecting major label deals, as he looks to become rap’s first truly independent international superstar.



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