Help the Makers of “40 Nights of Rock & Roll” Raise Cash for their Rock & Roll Movie!

Friend of Atlanta Music Guide, member of Attractive Eighties Women, former Paste editor and all-round cool guy Steve LaBate is joining filmmaker Scott Sloan to make an amazing film about music and the road:

Renowned rock journalist Steve LaBate and filmmaker Scott Sloan team up to bring you the most ambitious and brutal rock documentary ever made, “40 Nights of Rock & Roll – a Fearless Journey Through the Dark Heart of Rock & Roll Music on the Road in The United States of America”

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We will be driving to 40 different cities in 40 consecutive days to see and interview 40 different bands.

This is not going to be easy.

This film requires 40 days of gas, food, and accommodations on the road. Our loose mileage calculation is over 13,000 miles and $2600. $20 a piece for food per day works out to be $1600. A cheap ass hotel room every other night @ $60 ends up being $1200 at the end of the trip. A twelve pack of beer per day equals $400. Four oil changes and two tire rotations add another $150. This does not include the equipment costs, nor wear and tear and repairs on vehicle, or any of the inevitable health & legal emergencies.

Since reaching their first goal of $3000, the lads discovered that the original budget wasn’t gonna cut it:

News came today of an all-but certain hike in gas prices… a hike that’s thrown our house into chaos, that’s torn asunder the sacred film budget we initially created. Yes, y’all, it’s true. Instead of $3/gallon gas as expected, powerful forces beyond our control will be ushering in a summer of $4/gallon gas. And not only that. Now those unholiest of unholies – the lawyers! – are shaking us down for close to $2,000!

So now the duo is trying to raise an extra $2000, which they are on the way to doing. There are some ace gifts for backers, including DVDs of the movie, a travel companion, a “Thank You” in the credit, and a space at the premiere and following dinner for the film.

Go to the project’s KickStarter page for more info or to give some cash (or click on the picture at the top of the post).


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