Home For The Holidays: Carols From ATL Locals

If you love supporting local artists and have a great appreciation for holiday tunes, then check out the list of holiday songs we’ve complied from all of your favorite Atlanta artists!

“Blue Christmas” by Collective Soul

Back in 1995 artists like Tori Amos, Billy Pilgrim and Atlanta-own Collective Soul got together to create a compilation Christmas album. The album featured classics and well as new songs from some of the artists. In case you were wondering about where the band was at this time, they had only just released their second album, Collective Soul, and we on a steady rise to the top!

You can get the Christmas compilation album, You Sleigh Me!, right here!

Cee Lo’s Magic Moment by Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green released his very own Christmas album titled Magic Moment back in 2012. The album features Christmas classics like “This Christmas” and “Silent Night” as well as duets with mega-stars like Christina Aguilera. The album was created to be a “soulful take on a host of Christmas classics” as mentioned in Billboard’s article.

You can purchase the Magic Moment Christmas album here!

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by Cartel

Back in 2005, Cartel was not messing around! They not only released their cover of the Christmas classic, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, but they also live clips of their performances despite still being on tour. Alternative Press released the news of the band’s multi-tasking talents, which clearly has been beneficial to their impressive and successful musical efforts.

“Player’s Ball” by Outkast

Outkast released this song way back in 1993 on the A LaFace Family Christmas album. Producer Rico Wade shared this information about the song in a Complex magazine article: “But anyway, I told OutKast, ‘We gotta do a Christmas song but we’ll just talk about what we don’t do on Christmas, or what it means to us.'” Turns out the song actually served as a jumping-off point for the group, who quickly rose to fame thereafter.

“Artificial Snow” by Atlas Sound

Pitchfork described “Artificial Snow” as “light, poppy music with pained lyrics about childhood trauma”. A post on the Deerhunter blog back in 2010 candidly related how the track was actually written for a friend’s Christmas compilation. In case one version of the song was not enough, the post included 5 versions of the track ranging from a “rhythm mix” to a “notown version”.

Get more Atlas Sound information and music right here!



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