How To Have An Awesome Festival Season

The summer festival and outdoor concert season is upon us! With Shaky Knees blowing our collective minds last weekend and Party in the Park preparing to do the same this weekend, it’s sure to be quite a season, so we thought we’d offer up a few helpful hints on how to make your festival-going experiences go as smoothly as possible.

1. Check out the official website of the festivals and concerts you’re planning on attending before you head to the show. This can help you get a feel for the general tone, expectations, and accommodations of the event.tumblr_m6myo7zvAe1roy0kko1_500

Protip: Read the FAQ page! Most festival and concert websites will have a FAQ that can provide you with all kinds of important information. Knowing things like what you can and can’t bring, accessibility, parking, directions, and transportation options will be invaluable to you.

2. Dress comfortably and appropriately. It’s way more important to be cool and comfortable than to be the best dressed attendee. Do a quick Google search for expected weather reports, check out the set up of the venue you’re attending, and pack a few hairties.tumblr_lo4qyrsksq1qdqlhzo1_500

Protip: Expect it to rain. Bring a pair of closed-toe shoes, an umbrella and/or a rain-proof jacket.

3. Charge your phone fully before you head out and bring a portable charger. From taking photos to finding friends to calling your ride to social media, your phone will be your most precious piece of equipment. Bring a plastic baggie to keep it safe from rain/water/sweat and turn down the brightness to save battery.tumblr_inline_myt9r8bCr01ro2d43

Protip: Many festivals will have their own mobile apps or websites that include maps, FAQs, a lineup timeline, and info on where to find safety/medical assistance and lost and found, and more. Download them, use them, love them.

4. If you’re planning on camping out, double check your tent bag to make sure you have everything you need: all of your pegs, all of your rods, a rain cover, and a lantern. Bring instructions if you’re not that familiar with setting up a tent. Bring something practical that will fit your whole crew and whatever you’re planning to sleep in/on.tumblr_inline_msjwd0NtUJ1qz4rgp

Protip: Stake your tent away from the main stages and walkways and on the highest ground you can find in case of floods.

5. Be aware and respectful of your surroundings. Know where the exits are, know where to get safety and medical assistance, know when and where your favorite bands are playing, stick to a buddy system.tumblr_inline_myu8yrSTAr1s0cemy

Protip: Don’t try to shove your way through a crowd. Not only is it incredibly annoying to your fellow concert-goers and likely to receive some push-back, it’s also much more difficult than just saying a simple “excuse me”.

And lastly, don’t forget these basic essentials:

  • cash, backup cash, ID
  • phone and portable phone charger
  • sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, rain coat
  • at least one pair of closed-toe shoes
  • a small, soft, preferably waterproof backpack (be sure to check the FAQs as some festivals have specific size requirements for bags)


Also be sure to check out our Summer Music Festival Guide for more information some of the biggest festivals to hit the Southeast this season and helpful hints to attending each.


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