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Remember the name, Little Daylight, because their music will sure to be blaring out of your radio within the year. The Brooklyn natives, Nikki, Matt, and Eric, after recently opening for Charli XCX, Bastille and The Neighbourhood , are set to release their debut album via Capitol Records this year. Their intriguing electro-pop sound has landed the band on several lists of artists to watch in 2014, and we couldn’t agree more. This afternoon I got to chat with Eric, one-third of Little Daylight, to discuss more about the band and their very bright future.

Eric, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. We’re looking forward to Little Daylight’s first Atlanta show coming up at Vinyl, March 21st.

How did Little Daylight first get its start?

Well, the three of us: Nikki, Matt, and I have been friends for a while. Matt and I grew up playing music together. We were three friends who decided to start a band. We started remixing other bands for the first three months or so which led to the original music, and it took off from there, but it all started as idea to make music together.

Who are some artists that have influenced your music?

We remixed the artists we liked at the start, like Passion Pit. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Nikki and the Dove, and the Neighbourhood have all been bands that have influenced us.

For someone who has never seen LD in person, how would you describe your live show?

The EP was very electronic with smaller, more intimate vibes, but the live show is a big rock production. We have a live drummer and bass player. It’s a loud, dancy, bold rock show.

What are your plans for festival season?

We’re playing SXSW, Firefly, and maybe a couple of other festivals. We’ve been really busy working on the full album, but we’re building towards a big run on the festival circuit next summer. We’re really excited for SXSW. Our first show ever was at SXSW last year so it will be great to be back…eat a lot of tacos…then we’ll go right into the 6 week club tour, and be back in April remixing.

Talk us through the process of creating a hit like “Overdose.”

Thanks for calling it a hit! Sometimes we will begin with a melodic idea from Nikki, but “Overdose” actually started with production-the drums, synth, bass- without the melody. Then she came in one day with an iPhone recording of her singing the hook, and we were like, “Fuck yeah! This is gonna be great.” It all starts with one little lyric or idea. It can really go either way though (regarding melody or production coming first). We’re all very collaborative. Everything will get touched on at some point in the process.

How are plans coming for the release of your debut album?

We just finished mastering the album two weeks ago. It’s a huge step. We’ve been working on it for six months. We kept tweaking and tweaking it, but we’re finally like, ok, it’s ready. Now we’re just working on the graphic element of the album, art and photos, and it’s due to release this summer!

What’s the craziest experience you’ve had so far on tour?

So on tour everyone’s very professional, but on the last night of tour with Bastille last fall we let loose a bit. We were playing at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, our home town, and when they closed the doors after the show we all partied and had a good time. Touring with bands is kind of like summer camp. You’re super close together for a short amount of time, then you part ways.

Who will you be summer camping with on this upcoming club tour?

Terraplane Sun and Flagship! We’re really excited to get to know them. The Three of Clubs Tour is going to be a little different because there will be a rotating headliner. We’re used to just opening, so it will be fun to do some headlining shows.

You can download Little Daylight’s EP, Tunnel Vision here!

Little Daylight will be playing at Vinyl on March 21st with Terraplane Sun and Flagship!
Get your tickets early!
Doors @ 7:30
Advanced tix- $10, $12 at the door

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