Interview: Neulore @ Vinyl 1/29


Neulore is a modern folk band based in Nashville, TN, created in 2009 by band members Adam Agin and William T. Cook. After releasing a well-crafted debut EP, “Apples & Eve,” they have begun to take their heartfelt songs to the masses. With a live show that not only entertains, but affects, leaving the audience with a sense that anything is possible, Neulore is captivating the hearts of all who draw near.

Alex May talked with lead singer Adam Agin about their upcoming show, and what fans can expect in 2014.


First, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about the band?

I’m Adam Agin, the lead singer of the band. Neulore’s been around for about four years now, and we are based out of Nashville, Tennessee


Your music is described as Modern Folk. Can you elaborate a little about how you combine traditional folk characteristics with modern influences?

I think it was a natural thing for us. We are people that really value a good story, and I think that’s the part of folk that we try to focus on- a story as a whole and kind of all the different factors. Good music, we get lots of inspirations from European rock music, old soul music, and kind of everything in between, so it’s really kind of just naturally progressed into us.


Can you tell us a little about how your songwriting process usually starts?

It’s kind of all over the place. I think the most recent one is you kind of find a good chord progression that hits you, and you kind of just run with it. A lot of the time we write in scenes, so we kind of try to picture where we are, and sonically what it sounds like should match the mood lyrically, so we kind of try to get into if were writing in a song from another character’s perspective, say a song is a chapter in a book, trying to figure out what that chapter needs to say. A lot of it is a brainstorming session of trying to figure out the overall picture and what this song needs to say in a bigger, larger picture.


Your song “Shadow of a Man” was featured on Kid President and Grey’s Anatomy. What has that exposure meant for the band?

It’s been a big deal for us. We’re very, very thankful for people wanting to use our songs in their television shows or web podcasts. It’s been a big game changer for us.


What can audiences expect from your live show?

Have a lot of passion, and that it’s going to be our main goal across the board from as soon as we go into to a live performance to be authentic, to be who we are and not try to be anybody else. We like to bring a lot of energy, and I think the ultimate goal for us is that when the audience feels like it’s not them just dancing and listening to songs, but that they’re involved as well. That they feel like they are a part of a story with us. That means a lot to us. We try to think of ways to include them, to make them feel like they’re not just there listening to songs, they’re a part of it.


You have shared the stage with artists like Andrew Belle, Leagues, and Eisley. Who are some bands that you hope to perform with in the future?

That’s a big laundry list! There’s lots of bands that we’re big fans of. It literally is a big list. Bands like the National, or the Local Natives. There’s so many bands right now that just are really great at pulling you into a mood, and that’s what we’re trying to do, you know?


I see on a few sites that you have a full length planned for release this year, is that correct?

We don’t don’t have a specific release date yet, it should be earlier in the year than later in the year, that’s about all I know. The album is like I said, it’s very thought out in building a scene and making that scene… throughout the whole record. It’s a pretty cinematic record, I think. There’s a lot of dynamics to it, it really pushed our sound, and that had a lot to do with our producer. He really challenged us. On these kinds of sounds, if you’re not pushing yourself… something beautiful can come when you’re in your uncomfortable place, and you’re not doing what is natural. We really tried to do that.


Catch Neulore performing at Vinyl on Wednesday January 29th!
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