Interview: Packway Handle Band Playing Smiths Olde Bar, June 21st

packway handleSelf-proclaimed “alt bluegrass” quintent Packway Handle Band turns twelve this year and they’re bringing their energetic live show back to Smiths Olde Bar. Although they perform around two condenser mics, and use traditional bluegrass instrumentation the band maintains that they are not interested in preserving any traditions. They’ve played a Devo tribute show if that gives you any idea how uninterested they are. We talked to fiddler/vocalist Andrew Heaton about the band’s best gig, the best show he’s ever seen and drunken badminton parties.
What’s the first gig you ever played?
We played star wars at a drunken badminton party in Athens after which two band members got stopped by the police for streaking.
What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?
That was pretty much the best gig too.
The best show you’ve ever seen?
Leonard Cohen at the Fox Theatre in Detroit
What’s the gig you would most like to play?
Saturday Night Live: 1st broadcast from space
Lineup for your dream performance?
David Lynch
Packway Handle Band

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