Interview: The Cold Start @ Smith’s Olde Bar 1/29


One cross-country move, two totally different, fully formed EPs and plans for a third all in the course of a year? These guys are go-getters. Originally from South England, Lloyd Williams (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Nicholas Taylor (Guitar), Daniel Smith (Bass) and Adam Cardy (Drums) wrote and self-recorded Grateful Eyes late last year.The band made the EP (which is more record than EP) in the midst of a journey from Los Angeles to Orlando. This second release is an up-tempo mix of their trademark indie rock layered with honest lyrics and touches of 90’s brit pop.

The band’s punk rock roots set their shows apart, infecting audiences with a contagious, dance-y energy. You don’t want to miss their show at Smith’s next week.

What made you want to leave the UK?

Lloyd: We had an opportunity with a management company in California. We started rehearsing and everything in the UK, then moved to LA after the deal and lived there for one year. At the time, we felt we’d cause more of a stir in the US, so we came here on musician visas. They were only good for a certain amount of time and we had to fly back to the UK to renew them… After that, we moved to Florida and kind of started from scratch.   

What has been your favorite city in the US?

Dan: One city we really like that we haven’t played in yet is Austin, TX. We just drove through during our move from L.A. to the East Coast but it seemed really cool.  

Adam: We also like Fort Smith, AR. It’s not really a city. More of a small town. [laughs] We liked the sort of redneck people it’s full of. 

What bands do you look up to?

Lloyd: Taylor loves the Arctic Monkeys. He thinks they’re brilliant lyricists. Adam really likes Queens of the Stone Age and the way they progress through their albums. Dan likes My Bloody Valentine. For the most part, we all like the same kinds of alt-rock bands… but it isn’t like, we like every band from one genre. It’s broader than that. Any band that has an unusual story, that was an underdog, we look up to.

What’s the meaning behind your name The Cold Start?

Lloyd: Adam is going to have to explain this one. It’s a dance move he made up. He used to be a tree surgeon. If there was a tree in the way of something or branches obstructing a wire or something, he’d remove them and he used a chainsaw to do that.

Adam: So you get on one knee and pretend to start an invisible chainsaw and it results in a very punk-ish dance move… I think you have to see it person.

Tell us about the Grateful Eyes EP

Lloyd: What about it?

Either performing it or making it.  

Dan: Performing it is fun. People should come see it at our show at Smith’s in a couple of weeks, yes?! Seriously though, you can tell we’ve grown on this CD. It was written over the move from California to Florida.

Lloyd: Right. The first EP came out in January 2012. We’d already been living in Los Angeles, writing and playing shows together and building a fan base with no recorded material. We’d been working without any band name and we had to get something out there. Then making the second EP was extremely eye-opening. It’s much more layered, if that makes sense…

It does! So what are your plans for the future? A third EP?

Lloyd: Yes. We’re working on a third EP that will be the same length as Grateful Eyes, give or take. Our challenge as a band is capturing people’s attention so releasing EPs, releasing new stuff regularly, helps us do that. Most people don’t really listen to whole albums anymore. Not that we’re interested in following trends.

Of course not. That’s great though! That’s all of our questions unless there’s anything else you want to add?  

Lloyd: I don’t know if we’re supposed to be saying anything about it yet but we got invited to play South by Southwest this year. We’ll get to see Austin!

Dan’s favorite city!

Lloyd: Yeah, it’s cool because we aren’t like a big band and they asked us to do it! This year, it’s time to get out there more. We’ve been building our base up in one place, so this will be our first time playing outside of California and Florida.

Admission to see the Cold Start along with Diet December, Brooks Robinson & Some Machine upstairs at Smith’s Olde Bar is $5 and doors open at 7pm.     


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