Interview: The Neighbourhood, Playing Center Stage 6/17

563136_353825768035373_2084994753_nLike The Weeknd before them, Californian quintet The Neighbourhood debuted their music shrouded in mystery. They chose not to disclose their identities, instead hiding behind an intriguing visual theme. Everything’s black and white – their albums, their press photos…they even claim to play “black and white” music.
Formed by Jesse Rutherford in the fall of 2011, the band sought to marry hip-hop and R&B with rock instrumentation. Two years later their debut album on Columbia is climbing the Billboard charts. I Love You is the culmination of a musical trilogy starting with debut EP I’m Sorry… and it’s follow-up, Thank You, . Soon they’ll be hitting Atlanta with 1975, playing a show that started off in Vinyl, moved to The Loft and just recently moved again to the much bigger Center Stage area.
We got a chance to chat with drummer Bryan Sammis about touring, the band’s imagery and hearing their song on the radio for the first time.
What has been your most memorable gig thus far?
Probably Coachella. That was definitely a goal for us as a band.
Why did you chose to spell your band name with “bour” instead of “bor”?
The other way was taken…but it was a blessing in disguise.
You guys are known for using black and white imagery. Why do you prefer that over color?
It’s more honest. It sets the mood for our music perfectly.
What is your favorite part of touring?
Getting to visit places I’ve never been before, definitely.
What is your dream gig? Venue? Lineup?
It’s hard to say. I’d love to play with Drake.
How do you connect with your audience?
Through social media, our music and talking to them after shows.
Name 3 songs that you’ve been listening to on repeat.
J Cole – Crooked Smile
City and Colour – Hard as Stone
Lovelife – Your New Beloved
What was it like hearing your song for the first time on the radio?
It was pretty insane. It was definitely a defining moment.
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