Interview: The Weeks; Played @ Hangout Fest May 17

Mississippi band, The Weeks, rocked out at the Hangout Fest on Friday, May 17! We got to chat with Samuel Williams (Guitar), Cyle Barnes (Vocals), Cain Barnes (Drums), Damien Bone (Bass) and Alex Collier (Piano, Orgaan) of The Weeks about their musical influences, their favorite day of the week and their dance moves! Check it out!

What artist do you feel has had a huge impact on your music?

Cyle Barnes: I’d say probably Thin Lizzy, a lot of the classic stuff like The Band and The Allman Brothers. We listen to a little bit of everything so we kind of pick and choose from everything.

Where did you guys get your band name from and what is your favorite day of the week?

Cain Barnes: We got the band name from a street sign we found a while back and we needed a quick name for our first show and it ended up sticking after that. And my favorite day of the week is probably Friday.
Damien Bone: Wednesday- Its hump day!

How do you connect with a crowd when you are playing a show?

Cain Barnes: We are energetic and having fun with each other on stage and we can get out in the crowd or yell at them. Ya know, just dance. We are going to be moving regardless so if the crowd moves and gets into it the that helps us get that much more energetic.

Do you have a specialty dance move?

Cyle Barnes: Sam kisses me in one song.

Alex Collier: It helps to have some of our friends sing back up the last few shows. As far as us together we are playing just for the fact that we wanna play with each other but having the girls there they help lead the crowd. They have no reservations about wildin’ out on stage. It lets the crowd know that it’s acceptable to not hold back.

Do you value movement?

Samuel Williams: We definitely want the crowd to be moving. We just do what we do and if they love it, they love it. Sometimes people don’t dance, it doesn’t mean the crowds not into it.

What has been your most memorable gig and why?

Damien Bone: Charlottesville, mainly because the venue is so incredible. There is a tunnel under the stage to get from the front and back of the stage. It’s crazy.

Have you guys had any crazy fan experiences?

Samuel Williams: We played this festival in Tampa a few weeks ago and this was this really nice guy who had a UPS folder that was filled with thirty pages of family history of The Weeks family of Mississippi that he was in. There were even pictures of tombstones, we have it in the van. Thirty pages of Weeks family history.

Cyle Barnes: At SXSW a fan let Cain cut a chunk of his hair out with a pocket knife which I think that was pretty crazy.

What song are you most proud of and why?

Alex Collier: I would say, “Ain’t My Stop”. It’s a good song and it’s got a lot of dynamic to it and it gives us the whole range of dynamics that we hold back and then we sort of explode. It’s got a lot of power behind it.



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