Interview with Andrew Burri and Dan Molad of Lucius; Playing Buckhead Theatre May 15th

By Al Kaufman

We hear often about the woman behind the man, but occasionally it is worth it to hear about the men behind the women.

With Wildewoman, indie-pop band Lucius quickly became known for the infectious harmonies of lead singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the two friends and Berklee grads who often dress alike. Wolfe talked to AMG last October when the album debuted.

But Lucius is a five piece band, anchored by guitarists Peter Lalish and Andrew Burri, and drummer Dan Molad. While preparing for their tour with Tegan & Sara, Molad and Burri took time to answer questions about following the female lead.

How did you meet up with Jess and Holly?

Dan– It’s a fairly long story how Jess and I are connected, but the short version is through mutual friends and musical acquaintances. A little over three years ago, Jess and Holly were interested in making a more “adventurous” record. I was in the midst of parting with my old band, so it was perfect timing. Within that process I invited Pete to come play on some of those recordings, and what began as making a record turned into making a band as well.

Andrew– I met Jess when I was recording with a band called Annie and the Beekeepers. She and Danny run a studio, and Annie wanted Danny to produce the record. After that they asked if I was interested in jamming with them, and that’s how I met Holly and Pete.

You’ll be on tour with Tegan and Sara. That’s a lot of estrogen. What do you guys do to keep the testosterone levels up?

Dan– We pretend to work out and slap each others’ butts while exclaiming, “SPORTS! YEAH!”

Andrew– Drink beer.

You three guys dress alike almost as much as Jess and Holly do. Is that your decision, or theirs? How important is costume during a performance?

Dan– It definitely was first implemented by the girls, but we are happy to play dress up. Less laundry, but more stinky.

Andrew– It started as the girls’ decision and idea but now the dudes have a little more invested in what we are wearing. The whole point is to be viewed as a unit so the audience can focus on the music more easily, so I think it’s a good thing.

Were you always into that sort of doo-wop, girl group sound, or do you bring different influences to the band?

Dan– That was definitely something the girls brought into the picture, although I am definitely a Phil Spector fan. Our tastes are pretty varied, which definitely helps with the variety of arrangements.

Andrew– I have always loved that era and genre but I’m certainly not tied to it. I think I’ve tried to encourage Danny’s tendency toward the “gangster” drum beats. It’s really fun to drum with him.

SXSW: all it’s cracked up to be and more, or overblown?

Dan– It’s definitely a madhouse and really fun. There is no doubt that it can break a band (both in the good sense and bad!). We have met a lot of people who we work with through the festival. SXSW has been very good to us.

Andrew– It’s exactly how much it’s cracked up to be. It’s really crazy, tons of people everywhere all the time. But the good thing is that for all the people there just to have a good time, there is an equal amount of people there to meet and connect and help the progression of everyone’s career.

 Lucius plays Buckhead Theatre with Tegan and Sara on Thursday, May 15th.


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