Q & A with Caroline & The Ramblers; Playing @ Tunes From The Tombs 6/8!

Caroline the RamblersCaroline & the Ramblers, hailing from Atlanta, have been a mainstay in the local music scene for a number of years. They are a true Americana quartet who mix Rockabilly, Country and a bit of Swing Blues. Led by vocalist Caroline Engel, their versatility is evident to everyone who has seen them perform.

Caroline Engel – dubbed Atlanta’s own “honky-tonk angel” leads this fabulous quartet. Comprised of vocals, electric guitar, slap bass and drums they provide a sound steeped deep in the roots of Americana music.

Caroline Engel – Winner Best Local Vocalist, Reader’s Choice in Creative Loafing’s BEST OF ATLANTA Issue 2009!

Caroline & the Ramblers – Voted Critics Choice for Best Local Country Band/Artist in Creative Loafing’s BEST OF ATLANTA Issue 2002!

We got the chance to speak with Caroline herself about their upcoming performance at Tunes from the Tombs. This is what she had to say…

How did Caroline and the Ramblers come to be?

Caroline & the Ramblers started out of a love of classic 1950’s Rock-n-Roll and vintage Country music that I have had ever since childhood. I think it started with my Dad taking me to see Elvis Presley at Atlanta’s Omni Coliseum in 1976.

The current Ramblers – Danny Arana – Guitar, Joel Glogowski – Slap Bass and Mike Z – Drums – have been playing with me for a little over a year. We met in 2011 through the local music scene – via the The Star Bar in Little 5 Points. I am very lucky to be playing with such amazing musicians.

Who are some of your greatest musical influences?

I grew up in a house with a 1960’s Seeburg Jukebox. My Dad had Elvis, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles and Bill Hailey 45’s on it – among others. I listened to it all the time. That was my first introduction to classic Rock-n-Roll. When I got a little older – it was all about Patsy Cline, Wanda Jackson and Brenda Lee.

What has been your most memorable gig as a band?

I think doing our CD Release party last summer for the release of “Red Hot Mama” was pretty memorable. So much love and support from our friends and fans. Smile…

What is the funniest moment you’ve had as a band?

I guess the funniest moment would have to have been playing outside at the half time show in near freezing weather – for the Atlanta Roller Girls Opening bout of 2013. I think I had on probably 5 layers of clothes – the guys were wearing coats, and gloves (in between songs) and they were also trying to use hand warmers but we were still freezing. Joel our bass player brought a bottle of whiskey he kept passing around and then this couple walked up to us and offered us some Cherry Moonshine (seriously) and we all tasted it. Between the moonshine and the whiskey we were sort of burning after that (at least our throats) – hey I think there’s a song in there! There were a lot of laughs that night.

If you had to describe your music in one word, what would it be?


What is your dream gig?

The Ryman Auditorium – for sure.

How do you connect with a crowd?

During our set I usually try to give a little backstory about some of our songs. Mainly we just try to put on a good show for folks and leave them wanting more!

What makes you most excited about playing Tunes for the Tombs?

My family and I live a few miles from Historic Oakland Cemetery and we go to their Fall Festival every year. Personally I am excited to be a part of the continued preservation of this Atlanta treasure.

Get your tickets to see Caroline & The Ramblers LIVE at Tunes from the Tombs Saturday, June 8th! This true Americana quartet guarantees a stellar show!

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