Interview with Chris Dangerous of The Hives Opening for Pink TONIGHT!

154568_10150709986483199_1662099129_nBy: Shelby Lum

The Hives aren’t allowed to have a bad day, or so says, Chris Dangerous, drummer for The Hives.

Chris said no matter how bad a day the band is having, when they get on stage to play, everything else has to be put aside.

“You’ve got to do your very best,” Chris said.

The Swedish band has been gaining significant attention for their music, their style, and even their wardrobe. The band has been known to wear classic black and white suits while performing live.

“In our book you should try and put on the nicest stuff you can,” Chris said. But the drummer said the main reason they dress up for their shows is because they grew up listening to bands who also got dressed up for the occasion and always looked sharp. “You are there to entertain people,” he said.

Since snagging a spot opening for Pink, the punk-rock band has been winning the attention of listeners who otherwise would not have heard their music. “We get to play with a lot of people who have never heard us,” he said. “At the beginning of every show it’s kind of slow, and people are clapping, but by the end of it we have a full stadium.”

Tonight, the band will be playing its signature punk based and straight forward style of music. “It’s music made with sort of a rock-and-roll tradition kept in mind at all times,” the drummer said.

So for their Atlanta performance, The Hives will be keeping it to the basics.

“We don’t do jam sessions for 10 minutes,” he said. “It’s very much to the point.”

Even though they are keeping it simple, it doesn’t mean that energy will be absent. The Hives are known for their energetic performances. Lead singer Howlin’ Pelle is a true rock artist. He practically mandates all attention be on him at shows, and with the band’s slick suits it’s almost impossible not to take notice of such a dynamic performer.

Unfortunately, or fortunately…Chris said The Hives doesn’t plan to release a new album anytime during 2013. He said when the band is touring, they are 100 percent focused on touring, and to say they would be releasing an album this year would be a lie.

“We can’t do both things at the same time.”

So while The Hives is touring for their album Lex Hives, the band will be putting all their effort into the tour, and only once that has wrapped up will the attention be shifted toward churning out more punk-rock tunes.

The Hives will be opening for Pink at Philips Arena tonight, March 1st. Hopefully you’ve already got your tickets!


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