Interview with Kelley from The Trishas playing Eddie’s Attic 5/15

562078_10150873827192060_1381027317_nBy: Shelby Lum

Some may see touring with four women, and four strong personalities as more than just a challenge, but The Trishas see it as more than just a bus full of estrogen and a whole lot of shoes.

For the all-woman, roots band, the four people who make up the group define the sound–each distinct instrument and each unique voice goes into creating a balanced record. Even with their newest album “High, Wide & Handsome,” the women have meshed each of their styles into one.

“There’s a little bit for everyone,” said Kelley Mickwee. She said that each member influenced the wide variety of music that went into the album.

“A band full of four woman I think would scare any of us off,” Kelley said. “We kind of fought that for a little while.” Despite the band’s best efforts though, The Trishas did form, and have been making roots Americana music since–even if its origins were on accident.

Still, that many minds at work creates problems within the artistic workflow, even within a well oiled music making machine. “The song writing process is forever changing and moving. It is different for every person and every situation,” she said. For The Trishas, they have found that writing as a whole doesn’t work as well as writing in pairs. “When you’ve got four different opinions it gets really tough,” Kelley said.

As a band, the women have all worked with each other in some formation or another, she said, but writing in the smaller groups tends to give better results.

While they didn’t all grow up studying music, most of the members of The Trishas still grew up around music in some way.

“We all came about it in different ways,” Kelley said. “I think all of our parents are lovers of music…so all of us were raised around music.” So after singing show tunes throughout her childhood, Kelley came to more formal music making while in college.

Even though they didn’t grow up together, The Trishas sound like they did. Their comfortable sound and their down to earth tone makes it seem like the women all have been singing together since childhood.

The Trishas are schedule to play at Eddie’s Attic on Wednesday, May 15th. 

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