Janelle Monae’s The ArchAndroid Comes Out Today!

Atlanta’s own fabulous star-in-the-making Janelle Monae is releasing her first full-length album today, on her own Wondaland Arts Society label in conjunction with P. Diddy’s Bad Boy records. The ArchAndroid is already making its way up the iTunes charts – right now it’s at number 11 on the Top Albums chart – so make sure you do your part and buy this amazing piece of art. There will be references to future worlds, poetic social commentary, sharp sounds mixing every genre from Stax soul to Studio 54 disco to mountain bluegrass to sweet Tin Pan Alley, and so much more than you could every dream of.

Yeah, the girl has style so killer it could defeat a Roman army, but her music and message goes so much deeper that we can understand why she rarely wants to talk about her clothes (though she did grace the pages of Vogue in April with a few words on couture and where she gets those wicked shoes).


  1. For those of you wondering, the vinyl edition of The ArchAndroid is due out June 29th. It’s a double LP because Janelle’s awesomeness cannot be contained on one single piece of 12″ vinyl. 😉

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