Live Review and Picture Book: Hopscotch Music Festival 2012 Friday Night Plaza Show featuring Zammuto, Built to Spill and The Jesus & Mary Chain September 7th

Hopscotch Highlights – Day 2 – Article By Kim Ware

The very best thing about festivals such as Hopscotch is walking in to a random show, not really knowing who you’re about to see, and finding a new favorite band. Enter The Wigg Report, who kicked off Day 2 with a bright and early (noon-fifteen) show at Slim’s. I’m starting to see a theme – walk into Slim’s, unaware of who’s playing there, and proceed to be blown away. If I were to describe the sort of music I like, and someone made me a dream band from the description, that band would probably be The Wigg Report. Think simple, catchy, garage, anti-folk tunes with guy-girl interplay ala Velvet Underground, early Yo La Tengo, or Wussy. Oh, and with saxophone. And a girl with a minimal drum kit that she plays standing up. I’m in love. After their very spirited, inspiring set I was left with a free schedule for a few hours, perfect for just wandering around from club to club.

It was a bit later before I’d finally run into my friends Shirlé and David from the band Free Electric State, who I regretfully had missed yesterday but had been stalking via social media all morning. They happened to mention heading over to see Flock of Dimes, a new project from Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner. Being a big fan of Wye Oak, I knew I wouldn’t want to miss this so I tagged along, first taking the opportunity to talk to David and Shirlé about their recent move back to their old hometown of Baltimore, their newest record Monumental Life and its underlying themes of life and death, and the recent flock of young bands influenced by the 80s (David and Shirlé were in a great band several years ago called Gerty who did the 80s synth pop thing before it was the hot thing to do). By the time Flock of Dimes took the stage, I was full on under the weather, not a good state to be in while at an out-of-town music festival. Especially not when you’re scheduled to perform the very next day.

Cue the cold meds, pajamas and blankets by 7:30 PM. Yes, I was in bed at 7:30. I did manage to at least hear Built to Spill from my hotel room, conveniently located right by the City Plaza. Score one for good planning from my partner-in-crime Hillery (who took the amazing Hopscotch pics you also see posted here in AMG). Ironically, the last time I had planned to see Built to Spill, back in 2010 in Atlanta, it didn’t quite work out due to a bout with pneumonia. Sorry Mr. Martsch, as much as I love your songs, I guess our paths just aren’t destined to cross up-close and in person. I was hoping to rest up and feel better enough to walk down the street and catch Yo La Tengo later, but that wasn’t in the cards for me either. What was, however, was room service. I treated myself – potstickers, shrimp, even molten chocolate cake. Dare I say for about a half hour I felt a lot better. Being serenaded by The Jesus and Mary Chain just outside didn’t hurt. They sounded amazing, even from my room up on the 12th floor. All in all, though my night ended much earlier than expected, it wasn’t a bad close to my Hopscotch Friday.

Photos by Hillery Terenzi

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