Live Review | Dum Dum Girls at The EARL, 3/20


By Hillery Terenzi

My first encounter of the Dum Dum Girls was back in 2011. I heard a few songs on XMU and I was curious enough to want to go and photograph this band, plus I have a soft spot for awesome girl bands. Fast forward three years later and two shows later, the DDG decided to again grace the stage Thursday night at The EARL in East Atlanta.

Vertical Scratchers and Blouse were the opening acts for the night. By 11 p.m., the crowd was ready for Dee Dee Penny’s (aka Kristin Welchez’s) melodic voice and stage presence. I even heard the mumblings of the guy next to me praising her awesome fashion sense. On time, as usual, current members, Dee Dee, Jules, Sandy, and Malia started their set off with the song Bedroom Eyes off their 2011 album, Only in Dreams. They bounced back and forth playing songs such as Are you Okay? to He Gets Me High (a personal favorite of mine).

DDG will always have a special place in my music collection. It’s refreshing to see a band willing to take a risk and work outside the box and over the years, DDG have impressed me with the diversity of each album. If you don’t own any of their work, you are totally missing out. Looking forward to seeing them again in the near future.

Set List:
Bedroom Eyes
I Got Nothing
Too True
Wake of You
Are You Okay?
He Gets Me High
Under These Hands
Rest of Our Lives
I Will Be
It Only Takes
Rimbaud Eyes
Lord Knows
Pales Saints
Coming Down (Encore)


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